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Well, with the permission of the Site Owner and the Admins I would like to make a suggestion.

As we all know this site is a rallying for the old OF, whether this site is to be considered a new beginning or merely a reopening of OF it does not matter.

The importance and the highest priority I think should be for the sum of knowledge gathered here, OF was very widely acknowledged as a leading occult society because of the knowledge, tutorials and FAQs listed there, never mentioning also the libraries and source texts offered there.

If we are to make this site what its parent used to be and what it rightfully should be, I think we have to take cerrtain steps.

The steps I suggest are as follows;

+ Gathering certain people with as much expertise as possible in different occult practices and giving practical (many lines under practical) support

+ Providing a library for source texts pertaining to most information provided in posts and discussion topics

+ Providing living (as in not dead threads) threads of experiment logs and dream journals to be shared and analyzed by the community for the benefit of the poster

+ Searching the archives for old tutorials and FAQs and making them sticky in their respective forums

I will not propose to tell you how to do your job, but if these steps were taken it would be very much easier to make this a wonderful site, as OF was,.

I would not have suggested this if I thought the site had no chance or that is was badly admined.

The creation of experiment logs and dream journals will bring great numbers to share, but I think it must be contained so as the site doesn't turn into a giant blog,

as for the libraries I may help with this, as much as I can, and I can do much when it comes to this.

I hope you consider this, and please not take this as a gesture that implies that I think the site is not run well.

As a first step I would create a small library (composed of links to file storing site with uploaded materials so other sites don't complain) and I will add more as time goes by.

I hope I get your permission to do this.
"But to withhold the Alphabet of Mysticism from the learner is the device of a selfish charlatan." Aleister Crowley

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