ProTip: Using the Draft Feature to Save or Edit Posts!

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ProTip: Using the Draft Feature to Save or Edit Posts!

Post by Nahemah »


Posts can be saved into your User Control Panel, so that you can edit or change content, if you want to, before submitting it to the topic. We have a narrow edit window time and this feature is very useful to people like me who can't type well and need to spellcheck and fix typos often, before posting online.

Click on the Save button, the one on the left of the submit post button and this option will appear:

Save Draft
Please not that saved drafts only include the subject and the message, any other element will be removed. Do you want to save your draft now?
Yes/ No

If you hit Save, an Information post will appear like this:

Draft successfully saved.

This saves your draft into your profile area, into your user control panel.

When you want to further edit or to submit the post onto the topic in the forum:

Click on the User Control Panel heading, at the top left of the Index page, below the'' Occult Forum.Org" Logo.

This takes you to your own member front page, with a list like this:

Manage subscriptions
Manage bookmarks
Manage drafts
Manage attachments

Click on Manage drafts and this will open to show your saved drafts.

At the right side of the drafts, there are options to Load draft or View/ edit, choose which one you want to use.

Load draft - moves your draft back into the original topic posting form, so you can post it or tidy more before posting.


View/edit - you can look it over or edit it some more in the UCP and save it there again if you want to edit more later.

When you are ready to post the draft into the topic, click on the Load draft option and it will move to the posting window of the relevant topic for you.

Play with doing this if you want to, it helps to get used to doing it a few times and I tested this today myself twice to ensure the feature is working well. It is.

I hope this helps with worries about bothering us for spelling/ grammar edits, I honestly don't mind that, but this draft save feature is a handy wee tool, so why not make use of it?
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