I lost my connection to magick, I need advice

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I lost my connection to magick, I need advice

Post by ScholarOfAthena »

I've never been a person who was very deeply involved in my magic, but as of late, after a certain incident, I've seemed to lost most of my connection to the spiritual realm. I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but I am worried as parts of my connection still linger, I can still sense things to a degree, though much less clearly than I used to. During my attempts to reconnect, I would be stopped by a painful sensation, and I see black fireworks around me, then I would be forced out.

And it's worrying me, I feel that something is coming but I have no idea what it is, like I am blind and near deaf and just barely sense the energies around me, but I fear that because of my loss of connection, my body might be weakening. Something is blocking me spiritually and it's hurting me. My senses have been dulled, not only spiritually, but physically too, and it's worrying especially since it happened at the same time as my loss of spiritual connection. I'm afraid that I won't be able to protect myself or anyone else around me because my magical manipulation is so blocked.

I should mention, I have two spirits that follow me, I'm not exactly sure what they are, I feel that they were sort of made of a similar energy to mine, so I assumed they were sort of my protectors, but my connection to them has weakened as well.

I just want someone who has advice as to how I can fix up my connections, my flow of energy. I sense a lot of blockages and I can't seem to fix them fully. Along with all the negative energy that's surrounding me, it's difficult to recover myself. I just need to find a way to fix myself, if anyone knows a way, please do tell, it would help greatly.
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Re: I lost my connection to magick, I need advice

Post by Cerber »

ScholarOfAthena wrote:..after a certain incident..
So.. what incident?

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