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Need Help I think i may be possed

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2020 1:24 pm
by Toth Its My Name
ok hello i need help i think i'm possed or idk ok how all started i was felling that sometimes i have a spirit an energy with me and i was able to do some strange things like if i wan't somone hurt they gut hurt and things like this also i was felling that i'm gonna go crazy i fell that even now i also have suicidal tghouts that was telling to me to jump from the roof but i didn't let him to get all of me but i'm also afraid when i sleep to not hurt somebody and also i eat a lot like now i'm eating and after 1-2 hours i;m hungry again i have a photo with my left eye complety black but the entety is not all the time present but i can call the spirit and when he comes i feel an energy i fell my eye like is gonna cry and after that he is present and i tell him everytime when it comes to not hurt people this what i'm affraid of not to controloing me when i sleep the photo is not edited or things like this i'm not affraid of him but i don't know what spirit it can be or who it can be and also my family name is Toth i can have some roots with the god Thoth or what and also all the people from my village are avoiding me and they don't tell nothing to me i'm very affraid with this spirit to no do bad when i'm sleeping. sorry for my bad enghlis the light was the same Image