Healing Others

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Healing Others

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I see a lot of interest in healing on this forum, so I decided to make a dedicated thread for those seeking techniques. I am not particularly well read in any esoteric group, including energy healing, but I am particularly good at energy healing. I do better at healing other's than myself. I thought I would put some things out there. The techniques I will discuss here are partly from Qi Gong and partly else where. I acknowledge that the metal aspect of this is very real in adding the energy transfer, but the energy transfer itself is also very real.

I will discuss healing others in this post. As you work with this you will understand the methods better. Everything here may not click with you if you have never worked with energy and nor is anything here particularly special.

Q:What do these techniques help with?
A: I have had success with head aches, ligaments, tendons, joints (somewhat), muscle soreness, spinal injuries. Sprained ankles are easy enough,
but make sure you don't just blindly push in energy and that you alleviate energy from ( possibly) and relax the back of the ankle.

Healing others is done of course with the hands. Ever felt extremely strong energy sensation when meditating? If so you can probably learn this easier than you think. Closing your eyes is VERY helpful for the visualization aspect.

Pulsing into other people: Some people may not be able to feel energy at first when you pulse into them for the at first (they aren't use to it and you may need to warm up a bit, thus meditation before hand it helpful).

Some things to try on other people who want to help you develop this. Ask the person to close his or her eyes and pay attention to the sensation.

Two hands on one: I usually start by grabbing the person's left hand (for symbolic reasons) with both of my hands (emphasis the palms being in contact with the individual's hand). Visualize the energy going down your arms and out of your palms (the center point) and sort of push it the energy out. If you need more energy draw it from your stomach to your arms and out your hands. Visualize the energy going into the individuals hand and up the person's arm. Ask for feed back if they feel a sensation or not and how far it has gone (it may take a little bit for the recipient to feel it, but it is important that they can). You may feel the energy in their arm as you guide it up, but whether you do or not still ask for feedback. They may feel it not as far along as you do. If you can't feel it keep visualizing it anyways and uses their feed back to know where it is in their arm. You can theoretically guide it through the rest of the body just through the hand, but this can be difficult and impractical. Not very good for a sprained ankle (if you can get from the hand to the foot you probably don't need me telling you anything). I often do this at the beginning of a healing session to for multiple reasons. First I become acquainted with how the person feels the energy and how easy of a time I am having pulsing through them. Second it makes the people who aren't sure if you insane or not stop doubting so much, thus they become relaxed (easier to pulse through) and they can knowingly or not aid you in healing them because their perception is now favorable to healing them. Find someone who won't look at you like a nut to first practice this.

Other places that channel energy into the body very well.
The bottom of the foot in the center (yongquan point, google images)
Top of the head (crown/ baihui)
Forehead (third eye)
Please note that this to be effective will may feel like you subconscious or some external force is doing the fine details.
I have had some impressive things happen that didn't entirely feel like my doing, I was just the conduit.

Usually I sit in a chair and so does the other person but you can adapt if need be.

General healing technique: Pulse energy in the area in pain through your palms or finger tips. If you can get enough sensation, use you finger tips. You have to guide the energy in and imagine it doing the work you want. Follow you intuition like or like you are a instrument of a higher power and let your hands and finger tips be placed where they need to be placed (I know it sounds like new age stuff, but it has worked for me). Make sure you work on the areas connected to the affected part of the body (especially before to loosen it up to be worked on).

For Muscle soreness focus on stimulating the affected area with energy a inhale slowly and exhale focusing on imagining the sore part of the person's body relaxing.

Ligaments and tendons: Focus on mending. It may feel like threading something together. If not, the general method will still help.

Head aches: I stand perpendicular to a person sitting in a chair. I face them and they face forward. I place one palm on the third eye and the other on the crown. Pulse the energy in through both palms lightly. You either need to calm the energy in the head or unblock the energy flow (depends on the problem). If it is a tension head ache you likely need to loosen up the neck as well. The person may feel the pain shift. From here pulse through your fingers on the spot where the pain is.

Try it out and let me know if anyone has any success. If you guys find this useful I will make a self healing post.

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