Simple Intuition Experiment

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Simple Intuition Experiment

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Getting in touch with my intuition has been hard for me. However, upon reading some good books on the topic, I was a able to get simple yes or no responses. A yes for me feels like my head is open, my energy feels expanded and I feel lighter. A no feels like my head is closed and my energy feels contracted. It's an odd feeling either way and it is hard to explain.

I am trying to stimulate and increase my intuition's accuracy. I was wondering if this exercise I made up could help.

I did a this experiment this morning. I took fifteen blank paper note cards and with a pencil, lightly drew small dots on a number {on about half} of them then shuffled them thoroughly. I closed my eyes and then used my intuition to discern which ones had dots and which ones had no dots. If my intuition was correct, I counted it as a "hit". If I was incorrect, I did not.

Then, I did the same experiment by just random guessing. Then I did it again using my intuition, and finally, I just guessed again. Here were my scores:

Session 1 {Intuition}: 12 correct out of 15

Session 2 {guessing}: 8 correct out of 15

Session 3 {intuition}: 12 correct out of 15

Session 4 {guessing}: 9 correct out of 15

Should I continue this experiment? What tweaks can be made to it? Do my scores indicate anything? My intuition seemed to score higher than random guessing but not overly so.

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