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Astral kaleidoscope: L’ARTE DEL PIACERE

Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2021 2:53 am
by Cerber
For the archives, may they live long and prosper!
Felt like leaving some alternative records of some places, location, planes and whatnot, short introductions, from personal experience. Or else if I'd die tomorrow all would be lost and that kinda seem like a bit of waste.. I'll start from something nice, lovely and fun :P

Picture is not an accurate visual representation, but fairly accurate representation of the vibe and general atmosphere..

Have you ever been curious about succubus/incubus people, ever wanted to meet some? But perhaps you heard about the Queen of Succubi, and her children, and feel a little weary due to their rather dominating and even predatory ways?
Well there is good news, you may or may not know that Lady don't hold exclusive right to entities and spirit of that nature. And there actually are places where very different fun girls and boys live, different in their attitudes and philosophies, yet similar in their arts and skills, if you know what I mean..
Picture your self, entering this classy bar. You look around. Just the furnishing tells you it's not some cheap tavern. The tables and chairs, even the bar it self - well aged oak everywhere, the shade of fine whiskey. Looks especially well in that dim lighting. And then soft melody reach your ears, coming from somewhere at the far end of the place. Music isn't loud enough to be a bother, but loud enough to set the mood. It's so soft and alluring. Every detail just fits so perfectly with each other, that you can't help it but admit the mastery of the architect.
Yet all that fades in face of the main attraction of that establishment - the girls. Girls everywhere. There's three standing and chatting by the bar, many more lounging by the tables all around. And they all so beautiful, simply picture perfect. Perhaps you thought you gonna see some horns, tails and hooves, but there are none of that. Just perfectly human ordinary looking girls, with only their beauty being truly extra-ordinary. It's doesn't mean there are no anatomic differences, but those you may or may not discover if you stick around long enough, to get to know then a little deeper..
It doesn't take long for them to notice you and greet you with a sea of lovely smiles. The kind of smiles you rarely get, the kind that make you feel almost like you're returning home, rather then just visiting. They all so friendly, so sweet and kind. And if you are respectful and kind, they will return all that in double.
They can do pretty much all the things you heard about, and even some things you've never dreamed of, yet all that without any negative extras, from what I can tell. Boys and girls there just wanna have fun, no drama, no politics.

p.s. If you ever happen to stumble in to this lovely place, and even happen to meet the Lord of the place, do you mind passing a message for Him from me? Tell Him "Cerber is very sorry about the last time, he had too much to drink and was a little out of his mind.."
Thanks a lot.

Re: Astral kaleidoscope: L’ARTE DEL PIACERE

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2021 5:19 pm
by Kath
"Cerber is very sorry about the last time, he had too much to drink and was a little out of his mind.."
But if you were in your mind, would you have been where that is?