Meditation while under the influence of DMT?

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Re: Meditation while under the influence of DMT?

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You do not have time. Very good argument indeed. Only big thing you have is arrogance. [eg]

Sypheara: I agree. [thumbup]

Haelos: Sorry for starting battlefield right here. [pray]
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Re: Meditation while under the influence of DMT?

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I almost stepped into this thread earlier and in context I'm glad I didn't.

I would be curious to know why one would want to chose DMT over another entheogen for work purposes, mostly for the same reason that's on most people's minds. There could be very valid reasons I haven't thought of, just that it doesn't seem like the kind of thing that yields conveniently nor does it seem like something you come by often enough to get a lot of tries at (and I don't think anyone should be judged for 'blasting off' really - people have different neurological reactions to these things and unless one already has a lot of history with that particular entheogen there will be a particular period of primacy, not weak will but just newness of the particular pathways being addressed).

I wish Haelos the best of luck on this and if he has something really maverick up his sleeve I'm sure we'll find out more later once he has the chance to field-test it.
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Re: Meditation while under the influence of DMT?

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I did this on LSD my crown chakra exploded in a rainbow reminiscent to a flower opening, the ecstacy put me over the roof, it was awesome

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