Is this all just My Imagination?

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Is this all just My Imagination?

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I recently undertook several shamanic journey but I fear I might be making them all up. I have met with three power animals, the first being a woolly mammoth, the second being a bear and the third a raccoon.

The strange thing is, on my first journey, when I entered into my trance state and visualized myself going up stairs and opening a door to the spirit world, I actually felt, in my body, myself being sucked or propelled out into "spirit space" for lack of a better word. This feeling has occurred every time I worked with my mammoth spirit animal when I go to meet him- when I do this visualization.

A similar sensation happened yesterday, when I journeyed into the lower world and met two other spirit animals. However, instead of being propelled, I felt a sinking sensation. I have been unable to recreate the sinking sensation or the feeling of being propelled consciously.

I have been feeling lately sense I have began studying shamanism and journeying a certain "friendly presence" and feeling of not being alone {like my guides are always with me} I just don't know if this is real or just my imagination. I for the most part, didn't see anything visually {though I did to some degree at times during the journey}. Could this be real or imaginary?

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Re: Is this all just My Imagination?

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Do you have a guide or a teacher? Because most shamanism traditions are traditionally taught by elders who can help you make these distinctions. Not everything can be learned alone.
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