Question for the wortcunning

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Question for the wortcunning

Post by Nepthys »

I would like to preface this question with the fact that I am a Hoodoo and my herbal correspondences are not the same as those in most materiae magica of witchcraft, but I'm coming up short in my own research so I thought I'd ask around. Please note that I don't need any information on what this particular herb I'm asking about is supposed to do, I just need to know if anyone knows what herb it is.

Anyway, a while ago I had set some lights in defense of a friend who had problems with her ex. This was the third time I would be working the root against him (if you will) and had settled on a course of action approaching the situation from a perspective I hadn't considered before. This same night, another friend of mine (more a mentor in the Occult actually) slept with her. It was only afterward that I thought about it and realized I probably shouldn't have encouraged them. So while I talked to him privately, that night after drinking a tea of wormwood, agrimony, peppermint, and yerba santa, I had an incredibly vivid dream wherein a woman that looked like a cross between Jessica Lange (anyone watch American Horror Story? [yay] ) and Santa Muerte led me into her old 1900's German-style brick manor house and up to her second floor which had been redone so that the entire second floor was just one huge room full of herbs, oils, candles, books, etc. She told me not to worry about my friends, and that the problem with the ex had been solved. But, she told me there was an easier way to have done it from the get-go, pulled out a book, and opened it up. It was an oil recipe. Mind you, the rest of the ritual was also demonstrated to me, but it is this question of the oil that is bothering me. I immediately recognized three of the ingredients (Vetiver, Vanilla, and Asafoetida) but the fourth I did not immediately recognize, and as a point of illustration she handed me a flower. I wrote down all the ingredients upon waking up but could not remember any of the letters of the fourth ingredient. Upon looking up the other herbs' uses in my own resources, I was stunned to see that they would make a perfect dressing oil for the purposes I had needed. A bit unorthodox of a mix and one I would not have thought to create, but they should in theory work. Anyway, it is this last herb that is driving me crazy. The only way I can describe it is that it's large (maybe the size of a large rose), looks very similar to a hybiscus flower with its large floppy leaves except it has many many more than a hibiscus. It was pink in color and had a strong peppery scent to it.

I'm at a loss as to what this flower is. If anyone knows of other types of flowers this might be, I would be greatly appreciative. I have also attempted revisiting the woman in the dream to no avail.

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Re: Question for the wortcunning

Post by Nahemah »

The only suggestion I can think of,is to look at relatives of the Hibiscus plant.

Maybe another Mallow type?

I work with what grows native to where I live, in Northern Europe,so this lies outside of my field,relatively speaking.
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