Devil's contract found in church near me.

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Devil's contract found in church near me.

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This is a post of triumph and disappointment.

I recently found out that the local museum has a copy of a real devils contract left in the towns church. However, I can't show you a picture of it, because I'm not allowed to photograph it....
Apparently you have to be a "real" researcher to get access to the archive.

This was of course big news at the time. The contract was handed to the editor of the local newspaper, and he wrote a larger lengthy review of it. I could've shown you the article. But it hasn't been digitalized, and the physical copy is in ownership by the museum. And I'm not allowed to see it...

It was mentioned in a book! But it's still under copyright protection...

After some negotiation I was allowed access to an article that listed the objects in the museums collection and I've gotten a digital copy of it. But it's in Swedish, and I'm not allowed to share it either....

So, here is my interpretation of the events that happened:

In 1899 during the renovation of the town church in Piteå; a rolled up letter was found under the main alter. It was written on the back of a piece of wallpaper.
The contract deals with money and you'll get to read my translation of it soon.
The author is identified as Johan Emanuel Nyström and was born in 1799 here in my village, just on the other side of the freeway.
His father was a hired farmer, but his grandfather was a somewhat famous painter here in the city. Johan studied at his grandfathers business and had the title of painter, before he came under some duress and ended up as hired laborer. (His title was Dräng. It's really the lowest form of work that you could get at the time and it's just a step above being homeless.).
The last time any legal document mentions him is in 1833, and after that he left the state and moved south. So the contract is probably written around that time.

The text:

"... That I after my own accord signed and decided on my fate as every free being. As a free being after my own will that I command - that for money for Ever burn in hell - And if Leviatan comes in visible and natural shape and with me surrendered . I should Forever leave my soul. in his hands. And come: I leave my body and soul. in Your hands. And to the eternal citizens of hell.

I do have a free will to after my own accord leave me with whomever I want and however pleases me. And that in the Devils grip eternal.- And that the so called rulers of the eternal - For whom I have renounced me all holiness that never never never. My name here. Wants to be holy. Amen
This is also said in fulfillment to God truthfully on the most complete. sincerity. Amen Amen Amen. "


I know that my english isn't the best and some of the sentences don't make perfect sense, but I wanted to demonstrate the fact that it isn't written in perfect Swedish either. The two segments are written in two different directions and the handwriting is fairly sloppy and crocked.
This contract is not the work of a highly educated man, but rather by a man looking for some redemption in life.

In the newspaper article by Frans Wåhlin it is mentioned that the "contract" tries to emulate a standard written oath "interpreted by a frail soul, damaged by religious troubles, a smothered and tortured brain".
He also concludes that the find has "no historical value" and the contract is then put away until his death in 1959. It was then placed into the belongings of the 'ancient monument organization'. At some point Ingegerd westerlund does a translation of the text into modern Swedish and also frames it, by the commission from the director of Piteå museum. Alf Axelson mentions the contract in his book about the city's history in 1999, but I have no idea how, or when, it ended up in the museums collection.

The reason I mention this on the forum is to bring up the fact that we did have satanic witchcraft in Sweden long before Wicca and other modern versions became popular. I know that the wiccans tried their best to paint witches as just misunderstood midwives, peaceful healers, cunning people and pagans. But the reality is that witchcraft sometimes took a much darker turn. We have both archeological evidence and historical evidence to back up the historical sources and this contract is perhaps rare, but not unique.

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Re: Devil's contract found in church near me.

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Love this.Great to hear something other than what was pasted onto the accused in the witch trials.
Woe if I reveal,Woe if I do not reveal...

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