Consequences of watching too many paranormal movies?

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Consequences of watching too many paranormal movies?

Post by drakon »

This is a question on behalf of a very close friend of mine who at the moment is absolutely obsessed and captivated by the paranormal. He watches paranormal movies every single day, sometimes all day with several in a row (he did that for halloween), and frequents sites such as My Ghost Stories. Other than that, he is a complete novice of the occult with no experience other than what he has watched in movies, and things hes read from sites here and there (he knows about things like the astral plane, different planes of existence etc).

He asked me the other day (after talking to me for more than an hour about paranormal related stuff, lol) whether constantly watching a lot of paranormal movies like The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity, The Conjuring, those ghost hunter type documentaries etc etc can actually attract entities to you, or if it's completely safe. I didn't know what to tell him so I told him I'd ask some occultists I know, so here I am! [yay]

The only experience I've had of a similar sort is when I was once reading something occult related on my tablet in a cafe. It was about a malicious entity or a haunting or something of the sort. As I was in the middle of reading it, I suddenly felt very sick and dizzy and almost blacked out for no apparent reason. I had to get up, turn my tablet off and leave the cafe.

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Re: Consequences of watching too many paranormal movies?

Post by Robin_Alexander »

I'd personally say: there's absolutely no risk . . .

It's usually psychological, these 'symptoms', which happens to us all. You essentially fill your mind with 'what-if' scenarios, start thinking about things you'd never think about, and concentrate/fixate on seemingly innocuous things . . . you lie in bed at night, something falls from your bookcase -? Suddenly, you've gone from "well, I did precariously balance that book" to "shoot, that must be a demon like from x movie"! It's dangerous, but only insofar as all media in excess can be to the human mind, because it warps the human perception.

That being said; some spirits/entities can feed on fear.

If your friend watches these movies for fun, he's probably desensitised and entertained, so nothing to risk here, but . . . if you surround yourself with fear and anxiety, negative entities can - and will - latch onto that, as they feed from those same emotions. Still, meditation and the like can fix that with little issue, as the spirits should depart once you realign yourself and your emotions, finding a place of peace and safety.

It might be slightly different with real footage and pictures; sigils hold great power, while saying aloud certain demonic names can give them power (according to some), and I've known some animals to react badly to footage of 'ghosts' (assuming they aren't picking up sounds on a different frequency) . . .

Generally speaking, though -? Hollywood films will not attract ghosts to you.

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Re: Consequences of watching too many paranormal movies?

Post by Daud »

No, it's purely psychological as Robin said.

Entities that feed on fear will attach themselves to people who are traumatised, mentally ill or have intense phobias, not people who are a bit spooked because of some horror movie.

There is a tendency to think that there is a demon around every time something goes bump in the night, but obviously its just fear factor. If you were paranoid about your home being infested with roaches, every time something went bump you would assume it was a roach, the same is true about spirits. Your friend has nothing to worry about.
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Re: Consequences of watching too many paranormal movies?

Post by Desecrated »

To do a successful conjuring you need 1-2 years of practice.
If it was so easy as to just watch a movie there would be no need for the occult.

But let's look a little bit at the solomonic magic just to be extra sure. Even after you have done your training, or if you just happen to be naturally gifted: To summon something you need to know the correct day to do that, You also need to know the correct hour. You need the correct tools, the correct sigils, the correct incantation and so on.

So the only way to accidentally summon a demon was if you happened to sit inside a magic circle (with the TV) and the movie playing contained the full ritual, and it was playing at the correct astrological time and day, and you for some reason lit the correct incense, holding a handmade sigil written on virgin parchment, dressed in the right colors and had fasted for a couple of days before, and just gotten out of a saltwater bath.

And I doubt that would work.

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