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There was once a boy who had great trouble with conflict. The boy, being Good, went and conversed with the Great Noble.

“I have such violence in my life, Noble One. Such conflict! How can I face this and be Good?”

The Great Noble calmly replied, “violence begets violence; vengeance begets vengeance; peace begets peace.”

The boy left with this wisdom, and spent much time contemplating it. When he thought that he understood, he returned to converse again.

“But Noble One, I wish to be a warrior. If peace is a shield that shatters the sword of violence, must I surrender my Warrior Will in order to become Good?”

The Great Noble replied simply, “always be true to your nature. A warrior who is a warrior is Good, a monk who is a monk is Good.”

Once again the boy left to contemplate this new wisdom. Much time was spent contemplating his nature, for how can one be true to their nature if they do not know what it is?

In time the boy faced conflict again, and having chosen to pursue the nature of a monk, he did not fight. He was picked on, but practiced pacifism. Always turning the other cheek, always showing kindness. As he did this, resentments began to build, and the boy understood a problem was at hand.

Returning to the Great Noble, the boy once more conversed. “Noble One, how can I be at peace? I try so hard!”

The Great Noble did not hesitate as he said, “always be true to your nature.” There was not another word, nor another movement.

Confused, having thought his nature was true, the boy left to contemplate this wisdom again. As time passed, another conflict presented itself. The boy passed those who had bullied him, and witnessed them bullying someone else. Concerned, he asked them to stop. Knowing the boy would do nothing, his enemies laughed at him and continued their games.

The boy thought of violence, for this would solve the situation easily. This concerned him, but he remembered the wisdom of the Great Noble. Is it his nature to strike? Then to be true to his nature, he must strike. The boy attacked, and the enemies who had ruled him were defeated. As they ran in fear, the boy felt a sense of relief as his resentments towards them faded.

Yet afterwards, his action of violence concerned the boy greatly. Once more he returned to the Great Noble, fearful of what he had done. “Noble One! I have been terrible. I was violent, and so surely more violence will befall me!”

The Great Noble looked upon the boy and spoke, “why did you strike in violence?”

After thinking the boy answered, “because it was the easiest way to solve the situation, to save a man who was troubled by enemies.”

“You offer a stranger kindness, and you feel this is not Good?”

“But Noble One!” the boy cried out, “surely there was a better way! I have failed your wisdom.”

“I ask you: you offer a stranger kindness, and you feel this is not Good? You bring peace to your life by felling the enemies who plagued you, and you feel this is not Good?”

The boy sat in silence, absorbing the wisdom.

“I ask you,” the Great Noble continued, “is peace acquired by victory not true peace?”

“But Noble One,” the boy said, “violence begets violence!”

“Indeed, it does. Yet you committed violence, and acquired peace.”

The boy shook his head, confused.

“Always be true to your nature. Do not worry of external conflict. Turn your eye inward, and be true to yourself.”

“Yes, Noble One.”

And thus the boy left to once again contemplate wisdom and apply it to his life. More violence did befall the boy, but from then on he embraced the idea of being true to his Will. He fought, and became a great warrior revered by many as he grew. Each time conflict presented itself, the boy turned his eye inward instead of upon his enemy — for he was strong, and it was not the outer battle which concerned him.

One day he returned to the Great Noble and took his seat as a Great Warrior.

“Noble One,” he said, “I have these years committed many acts of violence. Battles come to a warrior, and I always fight. Not once have I turned down challenge, and rarely am I bested.”

The Great Noble asked, “and for all the conflict in your life, where is your heart?”

With a wide smile the Great Warrior said, “at peace.”

A smile spread across the Great Noble’s face, and he offered his blessing. “You are Good.”

And thus the boy learned that all things serve a purpose, and all aspirants have their own nature.

Always be true to your nature.


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Re: Peace

Post by RoseRed »

I love this story!

And the timing is just phenomenal.
When my wings get tired I grab my broom.

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Re: Peace

Post by EternalReturn »

I enjoyed this very much [grin]

As RoseRed said the timing is perfect, your style is fluid, it is easy to read and to understand.
I'd like to read more [smile]

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