Help with evil entity during Abramelin Ritual

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Re: Help with evil entity during Abramelin Ritual

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Topper wrote:
Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:08 pm
I have started the ritual of Abramelin the Mage ... I became aware of like someone was watching me....figure like a weird looking guy who seemed to be transparent but dressed in modern clothes,appeared in the corner of the room. ..he told me not to continue the ritual and not to take any notice of what my Angel tells me as the Angel is deceiving me.
As we know, time is not linear, hence the event above, if real, very likely still exists and can be examined experientially. (Deletion of energy is possible but has not happened here)

Thus the mage/metaphysicist projects into the scene and starts to measure. First is detecting if the scene is artificial. A simple first step: imagine the scene as being on a stage, then move into the wings to see what is there.

If not artificial then measure the light-dark balance of the transparent "shadow being". For example set up a light dark spectrum and move the entity up and down the spectrum until it matches.

Then measure the plane and subplane on which it is operating. This is most simply done by feeling the vibration of the entity and moving one's own vibration up and down until it matches.

Test for the type of being e.g. elemental, nature spirit, greater deva, human, trans-human, kumara, artificial etc. (Not all types of entity are known to humans) A simple means for this is visualizing a type of being and moving the image next to the entity to see if there is a strong interaction. Note that some types of beings are closely related. For example it is said that nature spirits wishing to become devas need to pass through the human kingdom (to learn voice and intent). Their physical body types usually identify them when human.

The light-dark balance, plane of operation and type of entity give some sense of possible agendas.

Then scan for additional entities, particularly those just outside the scene. If the target entity is dark, it is possible to follow the energy line to locate its sponsor. This requires some purity on the part of the practitioner possibly including lack of personal karma. It is common that such dark sponsors operate on planes higher than the human soul.

Prepare for a rapid departure if necessary and/or call in an inner planes friend to mind one's back.

Do not go where angels fear to tread!

So what are the results of safely investigating Topper's scene?

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