Color Stitch Spell

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Color Stitch Spell

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Take a article of clothing and choose a color of tread after what you want to attract of affect. Here is a small list of colors and their meanings:

Red: Root chakra, fire, passion, blood, the hearth, masculinity, changing your luck for the better, life, vitality, sexual organs and legs.
Orange: Hara chakra, sex, temptation, urges, optimism, energy, success, the sexual organs.
Yellow: Solar Plexus chakra, self esteem, ego, self, intellectual development, study, strength of mind, the abdomen, the element of air.
Green: Heart chakra, love, earth, plant life, healing, calm, money, prosperity, fertility, love, the hearth and lungs, the arms, the element of earth.
Pink: Heart chakra, love, peace, frindship, happiness, the heart and chest.
Light Blue: Throat chakra, creativity, communication, song, ideas, poetry, the neck area.
Blue: Throat and pinal chakra, occult protection, Spirituality, Spiritual development, healing, head and neck area, the element of water.
Purple: Pinal chakra, the occult, magick, Spirituality, ESP, the third eye, overcoming obstacles, the head.
White: Crown chakra, purity, peace, Spirituality, goodness, psychic development, protection, banishment of evil, the soul, the element of Spirit.
Brown: Serenity, peace, animals, earth, root chakra, mother.
Black: Revenge, banishment, darkness, death, communicating with the Spirits, root chakra, power, night, the veil between the worlds.
Gold: The God, Spiritual power, holiness, money, riches, passion the sun. men
Silver: The Goddess, the moon, women, magic, purity, cleansing.

Tread a needle with the color of choice and make three stitches in a discreet area, like inside a pocket, while sewing visualize what you want the wearer of the clothing to attract. When done hold the article of clothing up with both hands and say:

"Mother Goddess and Father God.
Please bless the wearer of this cloth with the power of the the color...
Let the color bring me/him/ what you want the wearer of the clothing to attract...
If it harms none and is positive.
This is my wish so mote it be."

Wear the piece of clothing to attract your wish.
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