Creation of 'readable' sigils

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Creation of 'readable' sigils

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We are all more or less familiar with the broad spectrum of sigil construction methods.I want to share this (my latest discovered) technique with you and ask your opinions.
The method is incredibly simple and has its origins in a 'random' piece of information that lodged itself in my brain umpteen years ago, namely that the seals of the spirits were derived from their names.Using this I reduced the Hebrew alphabet to a series of simple shapes and extrapolated similar forms from them, adding characters from the standard magical alphabets e.g Malachim, Celestial etc.
Next I wrote out the name of a number of Goetic spooks out as single symbols comprised of these forms, allowing for a cetain amount of wriggle room in that the form employed could be moulded to the operator's will.Feel free to add whichever decorations or indicators to it that you like.Make sure that all the symbols touch so as to form a single unit wherever possible.
The result is a glyph that can be read if you begin at the point from which it was drawn.
----------------------------- equal armed cross
Beth.........a compact crescent facing left inverted 'y'
Daleth.......a right angle
He...........arrowhead or right angle facing left with a dot or line at 45 degrees open crescent
Zain........a narrow capital 'T' (upright) open bottomed rectangle (upright)
Teth........a spiral or open loop
Yod.........a dot, short upright line attached to the preceding 'letter' open sided rectangle facing left
Lamed......a squared off 's'or key pattern shape or an L
Mem........any closed square,rectangle,trapezoid inverted capital 'T'
Samech.....a loop or cartouche shape
Ayin.......another arrowhead pointing in any direction open spiral
Tzaddi.....this was difficult I eventually settled on a disjointed 'y' inverted squared off lower case 'h'facing right right angle with 'y' shaped ends
Shin.......a 'w',rounded,a 'u'shape with a line down or through the middle.
Thau/ open bottomed rectangle with a shorter right angled 'foot' on its right.
I employ these forms to create sigils for spirits that I have no known sigil for.They look very much like genuine spirit seals when decorated with solar crosses etc.I believe this overcomes the difficulty of losing track of the meaning of a sigil while removing it just far enough from the everyday to work allow it to get to work on the inner levels or wherever you feel they work best.Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place, maybe it would be better in the Chaos forum or off topic.

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