Creating A Moon Blessed Tarot Cloth

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Creating A Moon Blessed Tarot Cloth

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Creating A Moon Blessed Tarot Cloth

This spell is best done on a full Moon but any time may do, it should be done at night. If you feel the need to you can do a circle casting before doing this spell.

This Tarot cloth can be used both to wrap the cards in, and also as a cloth to do the actual reading on. First you will need the cloth itself, it should be a natural material, cotton works well. I do not really recommend silk as you will be sewing into this cloth and that is far harder to do with silk without destroying it. You want a cloth large enough to do a reading on so 30cm long and 30 cm deep would be the minimum, though do not make it so big that it becomes cumbersome either. First you have to secure the ends of the cloth, just bend in 1 cm around the entire fabric and fasten it with pins and then sew it with a sewing machine.

For the ritual you will also need some incense, your favorite Tarot deck, embroidery thread and a needle. Take the cloth with it's edges finished and sit down before your altar or a working area, light some incense and sit for a while with the cloth in your hands meditating on your desire to see the truth with your Tarot deck, imagine your third eye opening, when you feel ready take up needle and thread and embroider a eye on your cloth, it do not have to be perfect, just make it roughly the shape of an eye. While you do this chant the following.

"Bless me with sight,
Bless me with skill,
Bless me to see the truth if that is your will,
Give me wisdom,
Give me understanding,
Give your blessings to my cards,
Great Moon Goddess send down a shard,
Great Goddess make my cards into something more,
Than painted pieces of cardboard."

Continue the chant until the embroidery is done. Now take the cloth and bring it through the smoke of the incense three times, each time saying:

"By the power of the Moon this fabric be blessed."

Now wrap your favorite Tarot deck in the cloth, say some words of thanks to the Gods for listening to you and place the deck in the cloth in a window and let it lie there each night for a full Moon cycle, now and again recharge the cloth by putting it in Moonlight overnight.
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