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Instant Contact with Goetia Demons. No evocation.

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 6:15 pm
by Matt456
I had a troubling issue that had been bothering me for years but it was something completely out of my hands. Doing something myself would have more than likely landed me in jail since it was revolved around a women and being wronged by an old friend. My actions more than likely would have been to seek revenge (physically). I decided to call on Seere but did not have the items required for a proper evocation but what I did have was a book with detailed instructions on how to call one of the 72 angels of the shemhamphorash. From what I've read angels are messengers and they are bound by their nature to pass on your message to a demon. The demons, in turn, are compelled to carry out the orders of the angel. Realizing this I called forth Seere's corresponding angel Jabamiah and conveyed to it that it should repeat my message word from word to Seere and that once this task was completed Seere would have to give me a clear sign that he had done it. After receiving this sign I would call to him and burn cedar incense in his honor, propagate his sigil, and speak highly of his name. That night I dreamed of myself hunched over on my knee's violently vomiting a non stop jet black stream of smokey liquid. Near me stood two women. One young the other old. Concerned, the young one uttered "I do not like seeing him this way. Is this normal for a man?" The older women then responded " Do not feel any sorrow for him. For if he had not purged today he surely would have been in the newspaper tomorrow. He should consider himself fortunate he has not met the fate of many men like him. "

(Definition of the word purge - rid (someone) of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition, typically giving a sense of cathartic release. )

Considering that I planned on fighting this person I'm guessing this was a clear sign from Seere that this was no longer necessary if I valued my freedom or possibly my life (who knows what would've happened.. ) and that I was free to move on. I followed through with my promises and I have become faithful to seere as one of my favorite goetia demons for lifting such a heavy burden off of my shoulders. And that's it... No circle, no scrying mirror, no strong incantations or belt carved from the skin of an Ethiopian lion whatsoever. Just one message sent through an reliable angel. I believe if your respectful rather than bossy (which is often required in evocations) and offer something in return as gratitude considering the fact that these spirits are constantly conducting labor on the behalf of many conjurers worldwide and you fullfill your promised as stated you shall find yourself a very loyal demon who is impressed and willing to be of service to you whenever you ask. Like Poke runyon an expert of ceremonial magic said himself " You can treat them like medieval demons.. You can conjur them with powerful incantations..You can use the curse of chains.. Or you can torment them into coming by burning there sigil, but..Then how you think they're gonna treat you? Remember they are part you.. Just as you are a part of a universal mind that we all share. :o

Here are the sigils of Jabamiah and Seere if you guys want to try my method. I find it a very reliable technique for contact on short notice.



Re: Instant Contact with Goetia Demons. No evocation.

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:47 pm
by Next
Somebody put Seere into me once by accident by mentioning his name. It felt like a narcotic. Very pleasant.

I say "put into me" but really it was destined for me to have that experience at that time, and the outer stuff (the person who was temporarily in my life and said the name) was a synchronistic manifestation of my energetic state...(functioning like a tarot card).

Re: Instant Contact with Goetia Demons. No evocation.

Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 2:36 pm
by Cerber
Where did he go? Such great educational story and then he disappeared?

Re: Instant Contact with Goetia Demons. No evocation.

Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 5:46 am
by Sefldron
If you read my posts on magical experimentations w drastic results you can hear about my own personal experience so far. I've had experiences with the 72 myself and a lot of the conversations were on a casual level at times. Some of them tend to be with the times when it comes to speaking in the English language but always be warned that compulsion is needed when it comes to the ones who are prone to deception. I'm positive that you already know that though of course but that is more for others reading as a guest. On a side note...Bifrons is exceedingly goofy and I swear sounds like someone raised near the beach who surfs in California....odd