My Spells Don't Work

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Re: My Spells Don't Work

Post by Caerdon »

Cerber wrote:What would be an example of "righteous anger"?
Hmm, how to describe... how about "a purposeful and controlled anger at a situation or concept of which a person directs their will, anger, and energies at correcting said situation or concept while in this rage state, yet keeping a clear mind about it, and not having it destructive to the individual." Not the best way of describing it, but it should do for now. Haven't really had to put it into words before.
Time is but an illusion in perception and is only perceived to pass by at the same moments together for us all... which is, quite frankly, me saying to not expect from me in a timely manner!
-I am but a simple wanderer... Though I may be gone for immeasurable time, always do I return.

Shawn Blackwolf
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Re: My Spells Don't Work

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Jeff Foxworthy would say :

"You know you're a redneck , when you feel righteous anger , when someone steals
your girlfriend , shoots your dog , and puts water in your favorite tractor's gas tank"

( Jeff Foxworthy , American Comedian )

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Re: My Spells Don't Work

Post by Cerber »

Hmm seems like it doesn't matter much for me, I did hurt "innocent" people only once or twice when I was young and had no clue what I was doing. All others were rapists, abusers, bullies, liars and thieves. But I still have to enter a period of suffering afterwards. Maybe it's due to the amount of destruction? I don't just hurt person, I usually totally destroy his world, dreams and hopes. A suffering for way more than a day. All he dreamed of all he hoped for and all he was working so hard for is taken away, laid in ashes and rubble, all alone, people trust is gone and friends turn away, and clueless how did all happened just like that overnight. It's like a piece of art, like a symphony of most viscous storms playing together just for one instant, one singular purpose and all the universe just stopped for that moment to listen and when the play stop Universe rearranges her self in a new and better way.
I got carried away a bit. I mean that it seems that I have to pay afterwards no matter the circumstances. Like a sacrifice that is always due.
Maybe do some Good non destructive things would cause no pain, but how can one just grow flowers in his garden in peace, when there are so many rapists and other abusers running free and unaccounted?

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