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Post by Ravens2017 »

Hello everyone, I'm very new to this, but have been fascinated lately by this whole hidden world of occultism. Last weekend, my girlfriend was sexually assaulted at a party. The perpetrator has been taunting me like he "stole my girlfriend from me" even though he forced himself on her after feeding her drinks when i wasnt in the room. We filed charges but unfortunately in my experience karma and the legal system are less than reliable. This is why I am fascinated by Magick. I attempted suicide and have spent the past week in a psych ward and the only thing on my mind is revenge. Do you guys have any advice or can you point me in the right direction of any Magick I can try? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Revenge

Post by chowderpope »

On a fundamental level, what you need is the intent to hurt them and a strong focus to bring about that change. You can make a picture of them and stick pins in it, or burn it, or whatever. You can make a clay figure of them and torture it. As real and strong as you can make this experience for yourself emotionally, the more powerful it will be. Then forget about it, once you've performed the ritual. Go do something that distracts yourself and have faith that it is working.

If you have an object that is connected with them, like hair, fingernails, or some personal artifact, that would help. But I don't think it's necessary.
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Re: Revenge

Post by Caerdon »

chowderpope wrote:If you have an object that is connected with them, like hair, fingernails, or some personal artifact, that would help. But I don't think it's necessary.
For someone experienced or talented, it's not, but for a complete beginner...

Anyway, Ravens, it does break my heart to hear of your situation, and gets my blood boiling, but honestly, it doesn't sound as if you would be able to do anything at this moment in time, especially as you have been in such a state of mind that you needed to go to a psych ward... The Occult is very stressful to the mind and psyche in general, and honestly, I don't think you would be able to make any real affects until you get yourself in a better state of mind.
I'm not saying to give up on revenge, if that's your prerogative, but you have to strengthen yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (not in the Praise-Jesus/God way, but more creating a connection with and strengthening your etherical side/state) before learning any magicks before you'll be able to do anything really.
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Re: Revenge

Post by Shawn Blackwolf »

There is a reason , as Caerdon points out for the old saying :

"Revenge is a dish better served cold"

With your name , perhaps sending the Ravens Of Dispersion ,
given the situation would be appropriate , and suffice , once
you balance your inner state of affairs...

"Feet On The Ground" , has many meanings...

Chop Wood , Carry Water , or hard work as physical labor can ground one
before attempting any spellwork after any upheaval of the psyche and the
emotional body...and is necessary for working with magical currents...

As well as a follow up , so there are no residual effects so there is no
repetition of an imbalanced state leading to further psych ward residence...

May you and those you love find healing in the situation and process... [thumbup]

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