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Any advice gratefully received

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 9:54 am
by Cornish_Emet
My partner has been involved with the occult side of things for over 30 years. She was tricked into making a deal with Barphomet before I met her who we believe is also her incubus.

Since being together the incubus mainly stayed away but always tried to stir things up as I was in His way. No it’s got to the point where Barphomet is threatening her Son if she contacts me again.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or able to offer any advice of what to try to remove His involvement or break the block He has put between us?

Re: Any advice gratefully received

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2021 6:20 pm
by OneOfFourth
In my experience demons can do to you only what you've given it permission to do. What kind of deal was it? Also understand that most demons use lies and deceit, misdirection and coercion to control people. Their main weapon is usually fear and nothing else. Many threats they swear to be true simply aren't. Still I would be careful though.

Re: Any advice gratefully received

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 9:31 am
by Cornish_Emet
Thanks. She said that she wasn’t sure if she was making a deal with Barphomet or Hathor and He is very much a trickster which ended up with her owing Him ‘6’, of what we don’t know as we could never get a straight answer. We presume it’s ‘people’ as another EVP said ‘f**k them up and give them to Hathor’, I hope I’m not one of them! I know she/we have tried everything we can think of to lose the incubus side but all efforts have been unsuccessful except reducing the attacks. She says it has no permission and have always stressed to use that if any negative spirits come near.

I totally agree, it is like they get more energy of anger, anxiety and fear than they do from joy, love, happiness, there’s also the fact that they like to isolate us so we reach rock bottom and are more desperate as well as wearing us down to be easier targets. Only the other week I was receiving similar threats from Him to ‘leave her alone or I will kill you’ trying to scare me away. I think the difference is I can see through it and am stronger than she is, though with her son being threatened that is a huge thing.

Re: Any advice gratefully received

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 6:39 pm
by OneOfFourth
You can read some userful tips from my post from yesterday: ... &start=109

The situation in the post is different, but most of the stuff written there could work in your situation.
The main point is that demons usually like to torment people in all kinds of ways. Many of them probably get their energy/kicks out of misery/suffering of humans. This includes fear. When you experience those feelings, Law of Attraction starts kicking in and you might attract more of that desperation into your life. Demons are usually driven away by the opposite of what they represent: fear/paranoia inducing demon doesn't handle well continuous peace/love, etc. So if a demon threatens you, just keep your peaceful, calm and happy mental state and simply say to it "Oh really?!? Sorry, I'm not interested. Not gonna happen. Go away."

Here's some info about how to use Shadow Work / mental wound healing to more easily reveal entities/demons that are tormenting and manipulating you: ... 0&start=94

I hope those prove to be helpful for your situation.

One more thing:
Don't be afraid of entities/demons. If you're not afraid of them, they have much less power over you. Almost nothing at all. If you are faced with one, know that if you simply command it to go away and believe even half of what you're commanding it to do, it goes away. A good way to do it is to first tell it that "You are NOT allowed to attack me!" then "You will do as I say!" and "You are not allowed to threaten nor manipulate nor hurt me!" and then "Go away!". You can repeat those couple of times. Then you should hopefully have your results. Depending on the demon, or rather how it's related/attached to you guys, the demon either stays away permanently or comes back later again to continue it's harrassing. Either way you should probably get some free time from it. Whatever way you decide to command a demon, try to be as clear about your commands as possible. Try not to leave any loopholes into the commands. Think them beforehand before using them.

The interesting thing with some demons is that they behave much more co-operatively if you also mention that "You are not needed anymore in my life." and then proceed with instructing it to leave. It shouldn't hurt to try different approaches. If the demon pretends to become angry, just ignore its anger, it shoudn't matter since demons tend to pretend/lie/etc. way too much for their own good. So don't take demon's threats too seriously. This way you'll also start avoiding the potential Law of Attraction effects.

I realised that you can get guidance in your situation from synchronizities. This is starting to look like shameless self promotion from my part, but these things I'm posting here have been of lots of help for me personally. See if you get helpful guidance from synchronizities:

Usually (but not always) synchronizities are used by helpful spirits to communicate with you to teach you or to help you out of your situation. If you start getting adverse messages through synchronizities, it's time to stop trusting them, since then there's some adverse entity trying to scare you. In that case don't mind at all what the synchronizities are trying to tell you, since they won't be the truth in that case.

Re: Any advice gratefully received

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 8:29 pm
by Cornish_Emet
That’s awesome OneOfFourth, thank you. I will check the links shortly 🙏

I know a fair few of those methods and use them regularly, similar with cleansing the house properly and the odd emergency incantation. They all work on most things but this one is very strong. I managed to ignore Him by convincing myself He didn’t exist but that only worked for so long. I guess another trick is to keep rotating tactics so the entity never get used to one repeated form of protection too?

You have me thinking too. The deadline date has been moved several times, so it could be a carrot on a string routine? The issue there is do you take the risk if the spirit is strong? The first time I met Him was on a garden terrace at an empty Manor House doing some decorating before key handover, I knew the house as I’d lived on site for 18 months and had no feelings in there before. The first night was silly poltergeist stuff, like nipping out for a cig after tea and going back in to find the kitchen cupboard doors were all open 90D, window shutters moving. After that I went out on the terrace where He was tormenting me by being everywhere I looked. The next night I was watching a film, stopped to take a phone call with the GF. During the call the loudest bang I’ve ever known made the whole house shake like the boiler had exploded but it was right above my head then a sense of dread flowed over me. At the same time the GF had a loud bang in a different house and the lights all went out tripping the board. Life changed that day. There was no evidence for the noises after investigating the following day and the houses were 230 miles away.

These last few weeks it’s changed, I had a warning from Hathor saying to ‘stay out, don’t go home’ as well as numerous death threats and attempts to drag me down into making a deal. I keep refusing and am head strong but I was wondering more for her if she’s ‘claimed’.

Re: Any advice gratefully received

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 8:57 pm
by OneOfFourth
They all work on most things but this one is very strong.
What is "this one"?

My experience is that adverse entities and other nasties play the long game by slowly reeling you in and waiting for the right moment to "catch you" if you have a weak enough moment. So a carrot on a string routine, definitely.

My other experience has been that there has been no perceivable strength difference between demons ability to affect the mind. I'm starting to believe they're all more or less on the same level of power when it comes to doing mind tricks on you. So if you can resist the effects of the tiniest demon in existence, it should be equally easy to resist the mightiest demon in the universe. The only difference is the approach they might take. I've noticed that it takes considerable amount of time to affect a human mind so much that nasty things start happening without the human being able to resist or fight back.

I've also noticed that entities like to claim to be some high status demons and such, even thought they almost never are (or never have been in my case after I've squeezed the truth out of them). Regardless of the demon being Baphometh/Lucifer/Satan or the tiniest demon in existance, you shouldn't react to it any differently. Don't let it manipulate you. Stay calm. Ignore it's threats. Be happy.

Re: Any advice gratefully received

Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2021 11:36 am
by Cornish_Emet
We believe the entity and incubus is Barphomet. I know the spirits will try to lie and make you believe what they want you too but too many things have pointed to it being Him.

My partner has been being bothered by Him for years, which in turn has had an effect on her positive outlook, confidence and it’s hard for her to fight His ear worms when she is on her own and we can’t always be together. It’s when we are apart He goes back in for the attack. I’m doing what I can to try and help her but I know the next ‘deadline date’ is on Friday so it’s all up in the air again at the moment. I’m also due a life changing event on Friday looking at the divination side of things too, hopefully it’ll be for the better. 🤞🏻

Re: Any advice gratefully received

Posted: Wed Nov 24, 2021 3:25 pm
by OneOfFourth
Ignore the demon's deadlines and threats and concentrate on positive things.

Re: Any advice gratefully received

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 12:50 am
by Amor
It hardly seems worth pointing out that the name Baphomet apparently is the Templar application of the Atbash cipher to the name Sophia (the goddess of wisdom)

\ ... er-theory/

Re: Any advice gratefully received

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 8:02 am
by Cornish_Emet
Thanks Amor, that was something I hadn’t heard of before. It maybe useful too as I keep seeing letters and words while scrying the sky which I feel I should be able to read but can’t even with a breakdown of most ancient and magickal languages.

I know Barphomet also has ties to Hathor, she was meant to be the Lady of All and there are scriptures a suggesting Barphomet is her spirit husband. Looks like I have some more researching to do later. 🙏

Re: Any advice gratefully received

Posted: Thu Nov 25, 2021 4:11 pm
by OneOfFourth
If we're talking about the same entity, it's "Baphomet" without an "r" in it.

Re: Any advice gratefully received

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2021 5:57 am
by WildWolf
I can do a bit of energy work to help alleviate the underlying imbalances that are drawing such wrathful/parasitic Beings toward you. Let me know if you'd like any help. I'd also need permission from both parties.