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Re: Science is Dead

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Cybernetic_Jazz wrote: Tue Mar 30, 2021 10:19 am I'd agree with the concept of antifragility and acceleration by urgency, I've just seen it go in excess to degrees that the bulk of those involved genuinely end up worse people. It's like the visions some Christians have had of hell being a place where people walk into furnaces and walk out the other side looking like they properly belong there, I can hardly think of a worse fate for someone than to die in a worse state or as a worse person than they came in as, it's like every core principal of value cracking and splintering, quite a bit like the universe treating that person as the lunch meat that some kid who doesn't care about their job puts under their feet and starts ice-skating around the store. I'd have to guess that God is a ferret to these people.
But that's the risk we all take coming here. Risk of end up in worse state than we were before entering. And it's not hypothetical risk, it's very real.
I don't know what it's like not to live in the US but I've felt for a good portion of my life like the archetypes have been blasted at almost cartoonish level, ie. all of our politics and culture look like Blavatsky parade floats, or like a festival in Las Vegas. It's like living in a world that's still deeply lost in a dream state and externalizing that dream, maybe the only other place I can think of that has that sort of fevered archetypal drive is the world of radical Islam where they're still anticipating end times and global caliphate.

This is the kind of thing that I have to genuinely hope leaves us. We have to get to a point where the whole global culture has figured out that humanity wasn't created six thousand years ago either by God or by angels defying God. We also need to get to a place where the perpetual parade of commercial grifting, gimmicks, jingles, and perpetual betting on the weakness of the public stops being the predominant atmosphere. Until that really starts to fade out it'll be really difficult to have any sort of culture 2.0 or any kind of second axial age because I get the sense that the concepts that are actually nutritious, to the degree that they exist now, no one would pay attention to them because they're distracted by so many other necessities and because by most people's ordering of reality these things are entirely irrelevant as to whether they can get status, mate, and be seen as successful. It's all still too smash n' grab right now for anything new to happen.
It's all fantasy world, the settings of individual fantasies varies only mildly, each with their own cultural twists and turns. I think there are many changes coming in only few generations, but non will be as significant as we'd like. For this species to survive and prosper effectively, and efficiently, and to do that without current predatory abusive mindset, there needs be very significant changes, perhaps even on genetic level, few philosophy books and religious texts just won't cut it. In the mean time we'll just have to make do.

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Re: Science is Dead

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Cerber wrote: Tue Mar 30, 2021 2:23 pm But that's the risk we all take coming here. Risk of end up in worse state than we were before entering. And it's not hypothetical risk, it's very real.
What's more chilling, to my way of thinking, is that if some of these same people had NDE's how good are their odds that they'd be filled with that pervasive knowledge that not a thing is out of place, that everything happens exactly the way it's intended by the universe, etc.. I can see how people going through certain kinds of things would be better off shielded from that kind of knowledge.
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