What are your favorite vampire TV series?

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What are your favorite vampire TV series?

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What are your favorite vampire TV series? Here is my top ten list with comments.

1) Kindred the Embraced

This is a series based on the RPG game Vampire the Masquerade. It is about a society of vampires in San Fransisco and their leader, or Prince Julian Luna. The show is not a horror show but is more drama and politics mixed with vampires. Unfortunately the show only had 8 episodes as the actor playing Julian Luna tragically died before a second season could be filmed.

2) Moonlight

This is perhaps the least popular of the recent vampire drama series, but I think it is the best. The story revolves around a vampire named Mick St'John who earn a living as a private detective, he meets and falls in love with a human reporter named Beth. This series is more mush than being a detective show, but the story lines and characters are enjoyable and the vampire society portrayed is very interesting.

3) New Dark Shadows

This is a re imagining of the original horror soap opera Dark Shadows. It ran for 12 episodes and recreates a few of the storylines, it is fairly self contained though it feels a little cut off at the end. The story follows a rich old family named Collins, by accident a old relative who happens to be a vampire is released from his confinement and set loose on the small town the story takes place in.Barnabas Collins, the vampire, falls in love with the Collins family's nanny Victoria Winters. The storyline and locations is stylishly gothic and the style of the show remind me of old 1950's horror movies. It is the mood of the show which makes it great.

4) Blade The Series

This is a continuation of the Blade trilogy movies. It have the same characters though unfortunately another actor is broth in to play Blade. The storyline is complex with several vampire factions wanting different things and Blade trying to wipe them all out at the same time as he is falling for a newly created vampire woman who works for him as a spy.

5) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I think everyone have heard of this series so not much introduction is needed. In 1991 Josh Whedon created a movie named Buffy the Vampire slayer about a blond bimbo who by fate becomes a vampire hunter, the movies however did not fulfill Whedon vision. Later he got to create the TV series Buffy the Vampire slayer. The series is brilliant, it have an involving storyline, likable characters, and slap stick humor which had me rolling min my seat.

6) Stargate Atlantis

This is a spin-off from Stargate SG 1. In it the US Air Force find a way to get to the lost city of Atlantis who is not in the Atlantic sea, but rather in another galaxy. The main enemies the team meet there are the Wraith. These beings have evolved as a hybrid between a special type of bug and human beings. They are immortal, as long as they keep sucking the life force from human beings with a special organ in their hands. It is always nice to see the vampire myth made into something new. And insectoid, telepathic space vampires is something a little different at least.

7) Blood Ties

This is another of the modern vampire romance series. It is about a police woman named Vicky Nelson who have to retire from service on ground that she is slowly growing blind. She starts up a detective agency and soon get involved with a vampire named Henry. The story is more paranormal investigation and action than Moonlight, for while there is romance between Vicky and Henry, that is more in the background. The show is interesting and funny.

8) Angel

Angel is a spin of series of the Buffy universe and follows the vampire Angel trying to run a detective agency, funny how vampires then to do that. The series is interesting, have good humor and many good storylines.

9) Vampire High

This series is about a private high school where the owner is holding a school for vampires in the basement. It is a show for young adults, but I think it is very good. The characters are interesting. Off course there is a romance involved as well as various problems. The characters feel natural and real and I really enjoyed watching this.

10) Rosario + Vampire

This is an anime series. It is about a young man who do not get accepted to a good school, in shame over this his relatives more or less steals an entrance slip for a school. This turn out to be a school for yokai, or supernatural creatures. (the Japanese system for paranormal creatures, yokai is one of those definitions, a vampire fits with the definition of a yokai, so do wherewolfs and most other popular monsters.) At the school the young man meet and vampire girl who wears a crucifix who holds her enormous powers and dark nature at bey, the vampire girl falls in love with the human boy and problems follow when about every other supernatural girl at school do the same.
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