Anja's Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Review

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Anja's Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen Review

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I watched Transformers Revenge of the Fallen on New Years eve. I had saved the movie for a special occasion. Now I enjoyed to movie allot. Most of the time my eyes was just glued to the screen, all the details, the story lines, the little house appliances robots, all of it was just fascinated. Obviously allot of care and work and not to mention money went into creating this movie as it was a feast for the eyes. The slapstick humor was a little to much at times. I mean I do not want to sound like a snob, but i prefer a bit more sophisticated humor, however most of it was at least amusing.

The storyline of the movie is: And warnings to those who have not seen this movie, there will be some spoilers, that some years have passed since the last movie. The Autobots have been working with the US military hunting down stay Desepticons, however in secret the Decepticons have made a plan and the rest of the movie is one huse action fest involving a shard of the Allspark, the Matrix of Leadership and an ancient weapon which will destroy the earth if used and the Autobots trying to stop the Decepticons from using it. Truth to be told the storyline, while interesting kind of drowns in all the action, you never get the time to let any of it sink in, it is non stop special effects from beginning to end, however the story is good enough to keep it all together.

All in all I have only one single complaint about this movie. One word, Transformers. When I was 10 years old I found the Warriors from Cybertron (The first part of the animated TV series) movie at the movie rental, when I was a little girl I had just loved Challenge of the Gobots, as as such I believed I would like Transformers. I fell in love. I watched that movie 12 times and then went back to rent it again several times until I could finally get my hands on a copy and buy it. I had Transformers toys, comic books and the highlight of the week was the episode of the animated series that for a while was aired on TV. Later when an adult I have picked up some Transformers DVDs and watched the show again, and I still enjoy it. Now like every other Transformers fan I was exited when I heard that there would be a Transformers movie, a actual real Transformers movie. But I walked out of the cinema feeling cheated. I did not recognize the characters and the producers had done a piss poor job of staying true to the original comic book series and animated series. Now the second movie have this problem to a even greater degree.

Now I understand they had to give the Transformers a makeover, after all they look cartoonish, however they have to keep some of the original appearance. I mean in the two Transformers non animated movies I can not tell which character is which until they are mentioned by name. And why oh why if they are going to have humans in the movie do they not use Spike or Sparkplug or any of the others what we know from the comic books and animated series? In the X-Men movies they manage to make the X-Men look more natural for the TV screen and still keep the characters recognizable. Why could they not do the same in Transformers? The back story we know from the comic books and animated series, gone, the look and personality of the characters, gone, the only one who look and act the same for the most part is Optimus Prime, the human characters from the old material gone, the only thing they have kept is that the story centers around two warring factions of giant, shape changing robots from other space, and a few names, everything else they have just screwed around with.

What is the point of making a movie based on known source material if nothing from that source material is kept. So my opinion is that Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, and the previous Transformers non animated movie was great, but if they had any respect of the Transformers setting or it's fans then they should have just dropped the name and made their own thing, for those two movies is not Transformers plain and simple.
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