There is a Silence

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There is a Silence

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Beyond the Poets springboard
Beyond the Lovers ambition
Beyond the contemplation of Nothing
And beyond the pursuit of All

There is a silence.
Its depth is deeper than any Abyss, for an Abyss has no depth, just infinite falling.
In this silence lies emotion; the spiritual awareness of Chaos, and vastness of space
It begins with the Abyss, but it has ground
That ground is; absence.

And in this silence comes a rest, a submission
A silent recognition that All Is.

So go and hunt the God
Call on the spirits, raise the dead
Do what you can to contact the Divine
And fight those Demons.
Beg of those Angels
Swing thy sword

When the battle is over, the field will shine with crimson
and there will be nothing but the warmth of the Sun.

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