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The sorrow of joy

Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:12 pm
by neofight
In all of this, a great wealth.
A fire that burns so bright, and devours.

The heat is nurturing, and invigorating to our weary bones.
These bones, how wretched our bodies that betray!

Confusion, my sweet bliss, we should all welcome the Demons kiss.
But no, not that. For why should our youth die so tragically?

Can we not allow? Can we not support? The wandering children that love to feel?

"NO!" cry the Gods, "They must learn!" and yet... it is on our curiosity that they feed.

And so we are food for the Gods, we keep them young, and in their youth, as they prey on ours, we are blessed with small gifts, which are as much as nothing to them.

But... what else? Such is our lot.

Re: The sorrow of joy

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 7:48 am
by neofight
It is a dark and cold night outside my second story window. As I lay here grappling to be at peace with inner silence because I am being forced to recognize how ultimately isolated and alone life is, I hear the wind push crystallized snow against my window pane. I imagine standing outside, in the light of the dark moon, wind tightening my skin and ice brushing against my face. I feel the cold silence of life as I lay in my warm bed, but I know that the cold silence of nature is even more dangerous to my heart, and so I mentally send my spiritual thanks to the Gods and Man that have fought so hard to provide us with shelter, heat and light.

Acknowledging this silence is my strength and my horror. I know that i could pursue the threads of meaning in activity, and occupy the silence with talk of ideas or observations, but always, I will find myself back in this bed- listening to the wild as it fails to see my heart the same way that all living things cannot see what isn't theirs.

I find courage in knowing this, because it is something that we are all forced to admit, but ignore just the same, and though this ignorance is madness, I will not allow it to destroy my Love, for Love is the True fire in this cold realm, and it is the fuel from my burning that animates me.