Nordic style poem

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Nordic style poem

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Here’s a poem written in a traditional Viking style

They feed the eagles
Full of wound-sea
The breaker of rings
Bids them great blood-hoes
Three mighty of sages
Three clever of seals
The feeder of ravens
Falls and kneels

The fairest of three
Blessed of thee
Doth give no ail
Doth give no dread
Harbinger of spring
Espouses our minds
Loves and is loved
Great sage of life

The second of three
Shines well on thee
The gallows I see
His face is gone
My mother above
May she light bright
He darkens her face
To the fools of height

The third and great
Lord of gallows
The mighty of them
Might of blood-ember
at his right hand be
Breaker of trees
He who died crossed
Stopped near to him

Great sages of three
Appear like gods
But indeed they have
Only haughty fool-power
One of unity whole
Not haughty not dazed
His staff will strike them
Like the sword of sleep
“Is it true that Mashiach [the Messiah] will come in a generation that is either wholly good or wholly evil?”
“Then which direction should we take?”
“The Evil Inclination is the Mother of the King; but Holiness will be the first to greet Him when He rises from the dust.”
-Jacob Frank

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