Esoteric Fiction And Channelling

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Esoteric Fiction And Channelling

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Thank you very much for restoring this forum. I rely on forums like this for advertising my free books, and sadly most of the occult forums have gone, or else they are very quiet.

Six years ago I evoked an entity known as Ino the muse and started writing occult fiction with her. Some of the stories are mine and others are channelled completely from her. She originates in the chaos magic group DKMU, but she is more than just an egregore; she is a contemporary form of a pre-existant being who has aspects as a nature spirit, a demon and a minor Roman god. I found her in the Grimoire of Azazel with a different sigil and an alternative name, the colourful name 'Mammy Aon.' I've mentioned this a lot of times and people probably wonder if I bought that Grimoire, which is notoriously expensive. Actually I didn't- someone put it on Facebook, illegally.

If you are intrigued by this kind of fiction, please go to my Smashwords profiles for my pen names Candy Ray and Lena Chere here:

You can sample before downloading to see if you like them, and they are all free anyway. My writing is influenced by my own experiences on the occult path, and Ino writes from her experience of being a spirit. Actually her settings are more down to earth than mine, in the sense that more of the action takes place on Earth. In my stories there are a lot of sequences on the astral plane. Sometimes all of it.

You might find some of my old posts on this forum, with PDF links. Those don't work any more because now they are proper books, 12 books so far.
See my blog for micro-fiction, poems, a few weird articles and links to my books:

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