[OW] Boundaries

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[OW] Boundaries

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OW series, is collection of short stories, that may or may not be based on any actual experiences of some actual people, and even if there are any correlations, most likely it will be diluted with creative liberties too much to have any tangible resemblance to anything and anyone. You should always assume that events and characters in these stories are fictional and any resemblance to any real people is entirely coincidental. There are no deeper meaning, nor hidden agendas, apart from a bored dog dreaming of writing something nice someday in distant future in a galaxy far far away.


I woke up in a dimly lit room, sitting in some old, but rather comfortable armchair. Glancing around I see nothing but shelves of books and some old furniture, of the expensive kind. Everything looks very classy, even the air smells of a class I've never been part of. It's hard to believe my mind could create something like this, something which eyes of a street dog seen only in pictures, but perhaps picture is more than enough. That sounds like reasonable explanation to where I am, now I have to figure out why I'm here.
Only a good minute later I shockingly realize I wasn't alone. Right in front of me, there was another chair, with a lady on it. How could I sit here all this time, contemplating my situation without noticing another person right in front of me, merely few feet away?.. Now we both just sit and stare at each other. There is no expression on that face at all. She looks young, quite attractive, but nobody I've met before.
"Who are you?" - I asked finally, since it seemed like we'd be sitting there in silence until the end of time if I won't say anything.
But there was no response. No response of any kind, not a single twitch on that face, not even a blink in those eyes. At this point I'm not even sure if she is breathing.
"Who are you? And where am I?" - I asked again, thinking perhaps I wasn't asking the right question.
But instead of saying anything, she just vanished in to thin air. Just to reappear right in front of me, floating in the air. Her body like a serpent circling slowly around me, if serpents could levitate. I sit there without moving a single muscle, being even more confused than before. Although she keeps some distance, not touching me even accidentally, she is extremely close. Close enough for me to feel her body heat on my skin. I can feel her face at the back of my head. And her gentle breath on my neck sliding to my right side. I feel that warmth moving up my chin, until her face comes right in front of mine. So close I could count her freckles, she has quite a few. If this some test, I'm lost. There is still no expression on that face, of any kind, is it all just a game? I don't know if I'm supposed to resist, or give in to temptation. Her lips so close I can almost feel them with my own, yet she is still not touching me and I'm not touching her. But the air is charged with passion and lust far beyond my will to resist. I lean my head forward and our lips touching, while my hands wrap around her body lifting her up. I push her back in to her chair, with my arms still locked behind her, and with my whole body pressing her down. Now I'm in control, now I will get my answers and no more games.
"Who are you?" - I ask her again, thinking she has to start speaking, if she wants her freedom back.
But she just looked at me with absolute indifference and disappeared in a puff of smoke. And I'm left staring at an empty chair, finally realizing I'm actually not in control of anything here. I've never been more confused in my life, there's just no meaning to any of this. As I turn around to sit down to contemplate this entire experience, I see her sitting in front of me, in what was my throne just a moment ago. So there we are, right where we started, we've only switched places.
We just looked at each other quietly for a moment, and then she smiled, just a little. She raised her arm in the air, with her index finger pointing down. Only then I noticed, there was yellow tape on the ground, encircling both our seats, with text - "Do not cross".
"We should always be mindful of the boundaries." - she finally spoke.

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