Ice Magick causes Regression: Help learning Ice Magick?

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Ice Magick causes Regression: Help learning Ice Magick?

Post by RaineAshford »

It has come to my attention that magick that freezes can cause regression and reverse the mental processes and body including use on others to regress them to a point before something. This can be used to refresh your vessel if it becomes corrupted, ugly, or agedugly. Essentially youthfulness.

Affectively can be used for Crystal Balls to gaze into the past.

I'm wondering if anyone has any ancient Tao literature on Ice Magick or anything where frozen/cold/freezing was mentioned in magick manuscripts and I could decode it to discover the hidden spell. Or perhaps some of you know ice magick or can talk to spirits for tips on ice magick. I know ghosts have an icy presense to them that must be them casting a constant ice spell. I'm going to attempt deriving ice magick from ghosts if I can't figure it out.

EDIT: Found this post: ... =4&t=16917 (read it, I'll share what I theorize about Ice Magick)

Call forth memories of casting ice magick to generate ice magick is a possibility. It was vague on calling forth energies. But calling the same energy[memory of purpose as ice magick] seems to be the freezing process.

Snow grounds itself in the infinite past preventing conductiveness by electricity. Basically a shield from electricity I theorize if you can turn yourself cold enough.

Freezing can also dissipate any attack spell.

Snow manifested from the beginning of time and halfphased into time can be used as a bounce for reconsideration[memory drift to earliest(death)] to turn you into a ghost becoming a perfect person[body] as time predestined progresses towards paradise.

We can calculate our memories like a keyboard with frozen backtracing of memories where you developed a spell or math equations[applyers to other math for combining math to figure things out].

Will allows nature magick and ice magick simultaneously where normally they can't be bridged because ice would kill nature.

Take ice in your palms and channel a green version of that freezing cold sensation to your whole body and aura and then to all of existence from the walls of space.

In Contrast:
*Heat Magick can be used for Amnesia Spells and Motion/Animation Spells
*A seed given magical body heat will grow into a Tree of Life if the caster designs their heat spell that way provided the seed isn't white but can be turned white with magick as imbuing heat into it to transform it into a fast growing Tree of Life or other Magical Plant


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Re: Ice Magick causes Regression: Help learning Ice Magick?

Post by Analytic13 »

Well..what I first thought is that to study ice magick you should look in your dreams..for contexts in which Ice..or snow..or Cold was present for example I have a few..

Crossing islands of snow where Penguins live(Could be a referral to typing about Ice Magick)

See and meeting Jesus Christ..and seeing all his Disciples kneeling..and then it was my say if he would take me as one..and He said "Im Ice Cold"
He might be referring to being Christ..or just being nice in general..To know how to link simple things like being nice to someone..and therefor activating the ice do your will with..

Last one..was when I was running from Freemasons..and I finally seemed like I outran them..there was my Cousin Representing Adam Kadmon..and another..and they were on a hill of snow and I was down below..I knew they could do nothing but shout at me..And then I approached a was covered in Ice..
I went in a few steps..and looked down..and Saw a Soul Colored Gold spot..and Thought it was salvation..and as I bended over..I got clubbed.(or blackjacked) and passed out into darkness..

This could refer to casting Ice Magick on Someone and having them totally regress to the point of their Soul..Which is Adam Kadmon..and then actually taking them into darkness to explore fears that they have..Like the fear I have of Freemasons..because of what Ive seen and heard..

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Re: Ice Magick causes Regression: Help learning Ice Magick?

Post by magari »

Based on my limited understanding of electricity, lower temperatures increase conductivity.

You know... For the rest of us.

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