Searching for a symbol

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Searching for a symbol

Post by Tenebres »

Many years ago I happened onto a site that had clearly been used multiple times for occult rituals, of a sect or sects that I could not determine or distinguish. There were so many symbols from tarot, runes, paganism and satanism. The general semblance of the entire fortress seemed to revolve around conjuring both mortal powers and attempting to attain immortality.

I felt heavy and lucid when I was there. The energy was one of the strongest I had experienced. I suppose there's a chance that this site sat on some ley line of some kind but I truly felt the combined energy of both strong lightness and darkness.

One of the symbols I saw shook me and I stared at it for an eternity. I felt it in my core and wanted to cry. Although this was over 3 years ago now, strangely this image has been occurring to me frequently despite having not thought of it for some time.

The image is a woman lying in a box, her arm stretched out above her. Above the box is the same image of the woman only sans box.

I need to know the origin and implications of this symbol. Something's is telling me it isn't important to me right now or soon

Thank you

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Re: Searching for a symbol

Post by Daud »

can you give us any more details. The approximate angles of her arms? The size and shape of the box? We don't really have much to go on.

Maybe try drawing it up and then show us a picture.
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Re: Searching for a symbol

Post by Analytic13 »

Its your higher self as a woman.. anima.. and she wants to communicate with you the idea that things can be uncertain but she still loves you!

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