Experience and Practice in Sexual Magicks

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Experience and Practice in Sexual Magicks

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Didn't see where to put this. And I must say that the topic of sex magic is oddly not seen so readily present at the occult forums of the internets.

I have postponed this practice of sex magic earlier in my practical magics, because I saw it is something advanced, and I had too much rituals and stuff to go over first.

But this year I have read books by Kraig, Newcomb and Kenneth Grant to get me started on this quest.

I have not started to practice yet, as I am just struggling to grasp the basics at this time. Some guy told me I could pay hookers to join me in the rituals, but I rather want to find some girl also interested in the occult to practice with me.

The books so far hasn't been much informative. They say all you have to do is to wish upon a desire and then eat the semen or whatnot.

I started a sex cult on facebook to get people to help me explore sex magic further. Search for Ordo Vampiri Erotica in the facebook search bar to check it out [I might pose as I do know stuff about sex magic there, but I really don't].

The awakening of the fire snake, aka kundalini, sounds interesting, but I lack the proper information to actually do much about this.

Kraig and Newcomb is rather mental in their sexual magicks, and as I am very physical in my own magicks, I wish for sex magic to be more filled with actual substance as well.

If the members have any good pointers or experiences to help me out I would be grateful.


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