The problem of intuition

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The problem of intuition

Post by Muloc7253 »

This is an issue I've been considering a lot lately. I was reading the Beginners board, and one recommendation was to always trust your intuition and gut instinct, and that if something doesn't feel right then it probably isn't. This is something I agree with, of course, when working with psychic energy and spirit guides and such, its something you should be very aware of.

However, one thing that made me consider this a little deeper was a fellow at my old job. I started working in a warehouse, and got on well with everyone, it was a pretty good atmosphere, and everyone that I spoke to was friendly. Of course I didn't get much chance to talk to most of the people there, but there was one guy I saw about that really rubbed me the wrong way. I got bad vibes, and took this as intuition to keep clear of him. Something seemed so fundamentally wrong, and there didn't seem any other good reason for feeling this way.

Anyway, it wasn't until a month or two into the job that I realised - the guy looked just like the rapist in Shawshank Redemption, the red haired one, spitting image of him. As soon as I realised this the impression was "lifted" and I no longer felt he was a bad person. So it was clear here that what I thought was spiritual intuition got muddled up in visual impressions, just because somebody shared the same facial features as an evil fictional character.

I remember Zeena LaVey talking about this, and about how if a baby is passed round a room there may be one family member or friend that it just cries and cries over - and that the baby being close to the source instinctively knows that something is not right. BUT - what if the baby had a previous negative experience or scare involving someone with a big moustache, then sees somebody else with a big moustache - surely this might trigger the same reactionary fear?

So my question is - how can you tell the difference between spiritual intuition and just sort of negative psychological programming?
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Re: The problem of intuition

Post by Nahemah »

So my question is - how can you tell the difference between spiritual intuition and just sort of negative psychological programming?

So basically,the mechanism is good,it's just the interpretation that was faulty,a false flag.

Your mind remembered the face [stimulus] and you gave the 'correct' response,based on that.It's just that the basis for wariness was unfounded because of the association with [as it turns out] a fictional character.

It's much like most things in life,honing the ability,so that you can differentiate between the real and the superimposed.

It's not easy to do but practice makes perfect,or as close as is humanly possible.

Was I involved in that topic [lol,but seriously] it sounds like me,like something I would/have said?

The joys of having a well developed Limbic system in the modern world,lol.[but again,seriously...]

It helps to stop and analyse the data.Applying critical thinking processes to instinctual response may seem counter intuitive [lol,wot did I just say?]

but it works.

You have to make yourself work slowly through the instinctual response,from a distance.Go through it step by step,look for possible 'flase flags' and why you might feel them.

I've done the character/reality mix up a few times myself too.

When you look into your response,in your mind and heart's eyes,so to speak,in a quiet space,you can glean out any conflation of identity with past or indeed media/imprint related inserts.

I use a light trance to do this,but IMMV and all that.

I have triggers that relate to physical features too and my boss at work reminded me so much of my gran,in physical resemblance, that I naturally accorded her the same respect and this has actually worked out really well for me: and in an odd way I feel comforted by that association too.
So some false falgs can have benefice to them,lol.

More later,hope this made some sense,Muloc.
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