Is it dangerous?

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Is it dangerous?

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I am totally newbie in the occult. Ive just started to read the Modern Magick book, done some basic rituals.

Few months before I started to learn about occult, sometimes, I had a weird, nice feeling in my body, similar to a shiver. It started when I was in deep depression, thinking of suicide. One evening I spoke to my ex girlfriend who converted herself to believe in god. After the conversation, when I was alone, I started to cry and this feeling appeared for the first time. The feeling came back almost every time I was thinking about god.

The feeling comes back also when I do the relaxation ritual, sometimes during the relaxation, but always when I finish during each exhale.

Does anyone feel it aswell? What and why is that? I am not ill.

Second question. I am often angry, because our world, humanity disappoints me. I use to be angry on specific people and it make me sad for days sometimes. Today in the morning after I woke up I imagined people made me angry and hurt them in physical and psychical ways. The anger has gone quick. Is it dangerous? Can I hurt anybody in the real world with this practice?

Some of you may think I am psychopat. Unfortunately you may be right. Anyway I dont want to hurt anybody. I just want to help myself and let the anger go away from me.

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Re: Is it dangerous?

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yes, pretty much anything related to the Occult can be dangerous. Even meditation.
An occultist imagining harm upon another can be dangerous in a multitude of ways. You could inadvertently curse a person causing real world harm. There's other ways of letting that anger get the catharsis you need, mainly through physical activity. A gym membership does wonders to a person.

As for the sensation... sounds like you managed to gather some energy into yourself. I'd look into the Angelic Arts/ritual section of magick as you seem to hold an association with the feeling and God, so might do you some good. The feeling comes from drawing energies into your major etheric centers/points which enters into your Energetic body. There's alot to it than that, but that's a good simple version of it.
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Re: Is it dangerous?

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The real question be:

Is it fun?

Life is no fun living in fear of 'offending' or 'hurting' someone. Let loose and relax. Have some fun. Just by you existing as a human being in this world, you are already harming and have already harmed countless sentient beings in manner you neither know nor can perceive.

So...just take it easy and have fun. Enjoy the experience.

Either way, you won't learn or be able to truly appreciate the quality or nature of what it means to be benevolent toward another being, until you've come to know intimately what entails its opposite.

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Re: Is it dangerous?

Post by Omnicentrik »

In my experience, with occultism the inner and outer worlds bleed into each other. Most people cover up what's inside, and for occultists this gets moved into consciousness and can even project as experience reflecting back. I believe that always happens, but the esoteric practitioner becomes more conscious of it. Is it dangerous? I think being half-assed informed and acting on the premises that worked before one got into occultism can strain the psyche and cause unwanted changes in life experience. Over the years I've come to the conclusion that rage, fear and sadness do not cause harm to self or others when made consciousness. Feeling need not lead to action because it's "energy" (like sensing forces within one's self) that can be digested and processed when conscious. What can cause harm are thoughts dressing the energy, the context, judgements and justifications we give it. The only energy that can harm, in my experience, is hatred, which is the desire to negate existence in some form.

To really harm someone with emotion, one needs hatred and lots of harmful intentions (thoughts) toward that end, and with high focus. Beating one's self up for feeling "negativity", on the other hand, just pushes the energy into the subconscious and feeds the collective reservoir of repressed emotion. That can manifest or contribute to negative events when true psychopaths harness it. Self-knowledge, separating thoughts from feelings without rejecting the latter, and being your own best friend and ally in your true desires.

One thing practices such as meditation cultivate is a sense of intuitive knowing regarding what is healthy and what is not for one's self. The god issue is well and good, in my view, but if associated with guilt and bashing self, it is toxic and pretty much anti-god. Sounds cliche, but god-is-love, is something to consider as the foundation of that dynamic.

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