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When the blueberries and cherries aren't the police

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:43 am
by Cybernetic_Jazz
I've noticed through the course of my work that I have an affinity for work with entheogens. Due to federal law I tend to stick with the unscheduled variety, some of those can be quite good, and I've been on at least a four or five month hiatus - something I needed to do anyway as my work life picked up a lot and I took on some rather grueling challenges where I simply couldn't have had a free weekend for that sort of thing anyway - and I might be getting back this again in the next few months as things calm down.

What I wanted to reflect on though briefly was something I started seeing last fall. When I'm coming toward peak I can often start chewing on a problem, getting very one-pointed, and I can find myself really scraping pegs in terms of just how much velocity I'm putting on it. It's a bit like I'm going for maximal engagement and when I do it's a bit like the energy in my brain and body is much more compliant than usual.

At least on a few occasions when I went that deep I encountered something that I can only describe as a flashing blue and red light, and it reminded me a lot of what you might see on top of a modern police car - ie. the super-saturated blue and red turning around one another. That came with a few particularly intense revelations I had both about my life and where our culture is at this past winter and even a few times when I was quite sober and angling in such directions I could sense little bits of that coming through from behind my eyes.

The best way I can explain what my own impression was of it - it's what it would be like perhaps to be living as the surface screen material of an old cathode ray TV set and then be able to look back and see the red, blue, and green guns firing to create you and create your thoughts.

I think the only thing that makes me wonder a little bit about it is I had heard a particular well-known magician talk about it in one of his lectures as a Tibetan thing, before I'd had this experience, and spoke of seeing these lights in repeated dreams. While I could have gleaned this and implemented it as a metaphor I think I'd heard it quite a while before that, at least a year or so, and it doesn't seem like it came forward in a time frame that would suggest that it was an impression off of that.

I guess my question on this - is this an actual 'thing', ie. phenomena in and of itself that's well known beyond particular eastern circles, and if so - without even perhaps bothering so much with proper cultural names for it - is there something in particular to be gleaned from your interaction with it? With that last question I mean both where your own state of progress is and what seeing it tells you about how well, how poorly, etc. things are going.

Re: When the blueberries and cherries aren't the police

Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:56 pm
by Spida
CyberneticJazz definitely has this very intricate internal universe thing going on, in all of its' complexity ! And I could most absolutely become somewhat lost within it.

Anyone remember the "Nestea Plunge" ? I could do the "Cybernetic Plunge", but I have a Ritual to perform !

And :

Re: When the blueberries and cherries aren't the police

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:30 am
by Cybernetic_Jazz
I still need to sit down and read that end to end one of these days - it looks like a pretty big accomplishment, ie. 25 pages of personal ToL experimentation.

Re: When the blueberries and cherries aren't the police

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:41 am
by Spida
It basically just began with someone getting started with Kabbalah, and then quickly turned into an experiment with altered states/Kabbalah.

I'd say the second half and nearer the end is a bit more focused and coherent than the rest though as I did start taking it a bit more seriously recently as I came to terms with how many people were actually viewing it.

I suppose it is a pretty big accomplishment though in that it may not have been done perfectly, but relentlessly !