Runagual handcraft wood charms

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Runagual handcraft wood charms

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Here i present my handcraft artwork, which by the way i sell or interchange (sometimes when im in mood i give them free :p). I go to the mountain, canyon, hill or whatever the tree is and take the wood ritualistic and respect. I paint them with maguey thorn , just like the aztecs and the toltecs just to paint their codex. By the moment im using only red bushes and trees, like Madrone and Bursera. Then i add a barnish and suede thread. I make 3 different types:

- Classic symbols, sigils or images carved or painted or both: (aztecs, nordic, celtic, tantric, etc).
- Adaptation of symbols and pesonal designs or desires.
-My own design.

You can check them in FB

If you are interested we have international sendings.

Now we are in ebay so we can send them far away from home:

Celtic Triskel

The Universe's Heart

Hekate Magic Dogs

Runic Cross

Nordic Elk

Ollin Symbol

You can order, ask or inform to this mail: [email protected]

Peyote Yggdrassil


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Re: Runagual handcraft wood charms

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I looked over some bit of your work and love your style. [thumbup]

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