A Tutorial on Basic Spirit Keeping

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A Tutorial on Basic Spirit Keeping

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Greetings, everyone,

In case anyone expresses interest, I am going to post a brief tutorial on the basics of spirit keeping. Spirit keeping is the art of "keeping" spirits as you would keep a pet; it is fundamentally different from spirit enslavement, because spirit keeping relies on the permission of the spirit. With this method, you cannot keep a spirit without its permission.

Note that the method described below is from me. So you won't find it on Spirited Enterprise, Creepy Hollows, or anywhere else. This method works for me, but you may want to tweak it so that it works and makes sense for you. I do not use common spirit binding tools such as binding bags...I have basically invented my own method.

Spirit keeping relies on two things: Noticing the difference between imagination/memory and genuine impressions, and mastery of meditation.

On noticing the difference between imagination and genuine psychic impressions of the spirit:
- A telltale sign of imagination is when things go the way you want them to go. For example, you think of something, then its there. You're the controller, rather than just a participant or witness of something that's happening out of your control.
- Memory can be distinguished by the fact that you are limited to what you've experienced previously.

Meditation is essential to master for "clairsentient meditation" to take place so you can feel or sense the spirit.

There are many types of spirits, not just human spirits. There are angels, unicorns, fae, vampires, wraiths, and more.

So let's say I wanted to collect the spirit of a unicorn. How would I go about it? There are two routes I could go about to obtain a unicorn:
1) Have someone summon and bind the spirit to a vessel for me, or
2) Bind the spirit to a vessel myself

Let's start with method two, since it has more steps than method one.

1) Start by charging a hollow object, such as a locket, with intention (or enchanting it) to draw in or attract the specific type of spirit you're after: in this case, unicorns.
2) Meditate upon the specific spirit type that you want to collect. Because thinking of a spirit draws that spirit to you. So concentrate on unicorns.
3) Now, project your consciousness inside the locket or hollow object you enchanted. See the interior of the locket or hollow object in your mind's eye - try not to imagine, but let impressions come to you of what the inside looks like. Inside the locket, how many unicorns do you see? It could be anywhere from zero to 1000 (unlikely to be 1000, but you get the picture). If you've drawn in zero unicorns, go back to step 2 and try again. If you have multiple unicorns drawn inside the locket or hollow object, take a moment to see which unicorn you're most drawn to, and which one resonates best with you. Each spirit has its own unique personality and "vibe".
4) Have a telepathic conversation with the unicorn that attracted you the most. Ask if it would like to be your companion spirit. If yes, ask its name. Learn more about this spirit by continuing your conversation with it, just as you would with a new friend normally.
5) Leave the locket, then take a second item that you intend to be your spirit's main vessel - such as a crystal ring - and invoke the unicorn you met into the crystal or object by name.
6) You have now collected your first spirit. And you've already spoken to it, and hopefully have good rapport, so there is already a bond forming. The rest of the unicorns that were inside the locket or hollow object will gradually disperse.

This technique works for human spirits, angelic spirits, unicorn spirits, vampire spirits, etc. I just used unicorns as an example.

I include the step of using the locket or hollow object as a "net" for the different spirits you're attracting with your focus, so you can have your pick of spirits rather than just going with the first one.


- It is best to have a wearable vessel such as a pendant or ring, in my opinion, because constant proximity accelerates bonding.
- Meditate with your spirit for at least 5-10 minutes per day, projecting your consciousness into the vessel, receiving impressions of the spirit, and conversing with it telepathically as you did the first time you met. Regular interaction with the spirit strengthens the bond between you. You can also just meditate and feel the spirit's presence. Spend as much time with your spirit as you can, getting a feel for their presence. Why? Because one of the main methods by which spirits communicate with us is telepathy. Knowing what the presence and "voice" of your spirit feels like can help you distinguish between your own thoughts, and when the spirit is trying to communicate with you.
- Other ways of communicating with your spirit besides telepathy include, but are not limited to, automatic writing and pendulum. These are the methods of communication, besides telepathy, that I have had the most success with.
- If you're having trouble projecting your consciousness inside objects, here's an exercise: Have a friend place simple geometrical, single-color shapes underneath three cups on a table. Don't look. Then turn around and project your consciousness into the cups and see which shape is underneath which cup. I am still not perfect at this, but I believe practice makes perfect eventually!
- To see more accurately, don't be attached to outcomes, don't have expectations, and don't guess (guesswork kills genuine psychic information). The key is to LET your mind reveal things.

The process for verifying that a vessel is indeed spirited is very simple: just try to communicate with it in different ways. Meditate with it, etc. If you sense something, that is a good sign. If you're not that sensitive, then I suggest you have a conversation with the binder before purchasing: tell them you want a spirit that has a stronger personality and will not hesitate to communicate with you. If the binder complies, that should make the determination process much easier.

You may want to have a "welcoming" ceremony for your new spirit, which people sometimes do, however, it isn't as necessary as simply communicating with your spirit and becoming acquainted with it and welcoming it.

That is my technique for spirit keeping, and it works for me. As I said earlier, tweak it to fit you!
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Re: A Tutorial on Basic Spirit Keeping

Post by cyberdemon »

Good detailed tutorial, will be trying it out. Thanks!
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