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Something to remember when posting here

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 9:52 pm
by Clockwork Ghost
We are really interested in reading your tutorials, and in your study groups. There are just a couple of things to remember when posting on the Study groups board.

1. You are still bound by the Forum Rules and Terms and Conditions. This means that you can't directly advertise any goods and services without first obtaining permission from the forum staff - this would breach the rules concerning the posting of commercial links on the forum. We do allow people to advertise their own goods and services on The Bazaar board, but we cannot directly recommend any commercial sites for members to buy from, as per forum policy and internet hosting laws [UK].

To put this in a nut-shell, the basic rule here is that we don't allow people to post links to commercial sites where the sole purpose of the site is to sell a product or a service. Posting links to reference material, or sites that sell material which directly relates to the topic being discussed is acceptable. For example: if you're discussing Kaballah, a link to a site that sells books on Kaballah which may help the person asking questions to better understand the subject is okay (in moderation), but just posting a link to a bookshop is not. Make sure that if you do post a link that it goes to the page with the information on it, not to the home page, and make sure that it doesn't appear that you are personally endorsing the site as a whole.

2. No flaming. If you disagree with something then please do not post simply to attack the validity of the material being shared. The person running the study group has taken time to share their information so that others may learn from it. Asking for clarification is fine, and healthy discussion regarding the topic is understandable,but please respect the person running the group by not trying to admonish them. If you believe that you understand the topic better, then you are welcome to release your own tutorial, or to run your own study group. If you do so, this must also comply with Forum Rules and Terms and Conditions, and not solely exist to belittle the work of another forum member. Flaming will be dealt with by the staff if it occurs.

3. If you disagree with something that is posted here on the Study groups board, as with anywhere else on the forum, please follow Forum Rules by reporting it to the staff using the 'Report this post' button. We will then deal with it accordingly.