Degrees of Auric Charging

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Degrees of Auric Charging

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A method that works for me to alert me to a presence without using any traditional medium and only my sheer will and mind in particular.

1: Meditation is key to any charging of energy or manipulation- and my preferred is VOID MEDITATION.
_____ Void meditation in my understanding of it- is the clearing of the mind and emptying it of any and all incoming impressions or thoughts. I typically use a volume idea- in which I turn down the volume of the impressions and rambling thoughts until they are silent. If they come back, turn them down too. Often times though, it helps to have a static background noise like a fan or the AC to focus on as maybe a drowning out of the thoughts. Once the thoughts are kept at bay, shift your consciousness or focus to encompass your body. This may sound confusing but it is relatively simple (though admittedly it took me a very long time to truly grasp this concept and actually implement it with ease). It is more a shift of focus, with each breath, you envision your aura. As you inhale take in any residual and surrounding energy, your aura contracts and withdraws into the body and grows brighter, and on exhalation your aura expands outward from your body. You can easily control how far out you expand it after awhile, though at first it may seem hard to tame.

Once you have charged it with energy, you then use either emotion or imaging and visualization to give it intent. Say you want to be be protected from any entity with malevolent intent. Your will is key in this- imagine if you will- that something is coming near you and you desire nothing more than to be safe from it. Take that emotional state and with each breath see the aura solidifying or taking the color or shape of what you feel protects you and warding off or stopping the envisioned threat. One can expand upon this even further, but this method will keep you alerted to any presence and keep them at bay. That is not to say this is an infallible technique, and one should always consider the possibility of it working incorrectly or not at all at first. Sure you naturally are receptive to a certain degree to spirits and the like, but that doesn't mean you have to do magick. Your will alone may not be enough, but by charging your aura you are now surrounded by a barrier to which it has to fight to get through, or be discouraged from encountering.

Very basic practice- very useful as well. More to come in time.
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