Help for Sandy Victims:PLEASE READ.

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Help for Sandy Victims:PLEASE READ.

Post by Nahemah »

This is a repost from F/B.From an Occupy friend.

[the site linked offers free shipping,so it's just the cost of the item you pay for,handy for those of us who are far away but want to help and also skinted,like me.I can afford some milk and nappies,at least,this way. ]

I'm reposting here,as its something small that can make a difference.Basic care,small items.

"Could you please repost this to your page so that those children in NY that are suffering from lack of diapers and other supplies can get them sent to them:
There is a desperate need for diapers as well as other baby supplies in areas in NY where they have been hit the hardest by Hurricane Sandy.

You can help by ordering them from They are inexpensive even for name brand diapers and are delivered within a day or two. Here is the address that you would ship them to:
St. Jacobi Church.
c/o Occupy Sandy
5406 4th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11220

Please repost to your pages so they can get the help they need. Your help is greatly appreciated." Car Seats, Strollers, Diapers & More | Free Shipping
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