Einstein (Spooky Action at a Distance)

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Einstein (Spooky Action at a Distance)

Post by ghawke2 »

Something I'm sure many of you already knew. I for one am curious, given the gazzillions of electrons in existence, how the two electrons in the different areas are related. (Same source? Same substance, etc). Maybe science is catching up with magick?


"Eighty years after Einstein dismissed the idea of quantum entanglement as "spooky", Dutch scientists say they have proved the effect is real, and that simply observing one particle can instantly change another far-away object.
Researchers detailed an experiment in the journal Nature this week that showed how two electrons at separate locations 1.3 km apart on the Delft University of Technology campus demonstrated a clear, invisible and instantaneous connection.
Importantly, the new study closed loopholes in earlier tests that had left some doubt as to whether the eerie connection predicted by quantum theory was real or not.

Einstein famously insisted, in a 1935 scientific paper, that what he called "spooky action at a distance" had to be wrong, and that there must be undiscovered properties of particles to explain such counter-intuitive behaviour.“
http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-10-22/e ... al/6876262

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Re: Einstein (Spooky Action at a Distance)

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I was reading the full scientific report yesterday and I smiled all the way through. I do think that science is catching up with magic. A friend of mine studies there and he's coming over tonight so we're certain to have an interesting conversation!
He: 'Have you read it?!'
Me: 'I told you so...'

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