Yale University Halloween Email Controvery

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Yale University Halloween Email Controvery

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Okay, so, I don't know how many people are aware of this, but a major controversy is happening at Yale university right now. The basics of it revolves around two campus wide emails sent, one by the Intercultural Affairs Committee, who basically was saying that you should be asking yourself if the costume you are thinking on wearing could be offensive in any way, and a reply from Erika Christakis who, after concerns raised from students if the first email was new rules, basically said that the staf and administrative council shouldn't have to act like parents and that the students, if offended by someones costume, should either look away or tell the person that their costume is offensive, and they should basically self govern themselves. You know, like adults should do.

There was some event where apparently a fraturnity party presumably denied some black female students entry to a party, though I haven't found any concrete proof on this, just aligations.

Anyways, a few days later, on November 5th, Erika Christakis's husband went out to protesting students and tried to reason with them and tried, throughout the disrespect shown to him, to educate them on his view and remarkably kept his calm while talking and triying to explain his (and his wifes) side and the message behind the emails.

Here is the video of Christakis's husband (one of the Masters at Yale) talking to an encircling group of students (Warning, there is offensive language in it, especially at the end). The original e-mails are in the video as well (the first is badly cropped though at the edges, but still can be read). Frankly, this guy deserves an award for the patience he shows, as well as a raise! In my opinion, he does not deserve the disrespect he is shown.
And here is an article of the story from the FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) which goes into more detail about the situation (the person who took the original of the above video was actually the presient and CEO of theFIRE, there for a different confirence about free speech in higher education, ironically): https://www.thefire.org/yale-students-d ... een-email/
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