O9A, Black Order, Shugara Syndicate, & the AltRight?

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Re: O9A, Black Order, Shugara Syndicate, & the AltRight?

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Desecrated wrote:
777Sloan wrote:our liberal friends on this site
Camniel wrote:if Liberals on this site
First of all: There is about 9 degrees of right-wing politics before you even get to white supremacy, so don't assume that everybody who isn't a nazi is a liberal.

Second: Not everybody who practice left-hand paths are right wing.

Thirdly: Left hand, right hand, left wing, right wing. It's just two sides of the same coins. And do you know what the problem with coins are? They're chump change.
Do you think anybody who is serious about magic is going to care about mundane politics? Especially mundane politics of a country like USA?

People like E.A Koetting, alt-right and the nazis in Charlottesville are clickbait. They draw a lot of attention but they don't really do anything.
Very true; that was unreasonable of me.

In any event, the relationship between LHP/RHP and any possible corresponding political engagement may perhaps be best left in the official category of 'unrelated,' as one perhaps might seem to be suggesting, or simply altogether left in unrequisite ambiguity.

Whatever the case, it is unlikely anyone in any meaningful sense will be revealing their hand...

...Or wing.

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Re: O9A, Black Order, Shugara Syndicate, & the AltRight?

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Or whether they are mage , or wage , or both...

Or whether they know how to create the flaming blue sword , using runic magic...

Or not... [wink]

Me , I just have one agenda...No More Secrets... [thumbup]

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Re: O9A, Black Order, Shugara Syndicate, & the AltRight?

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It seems to me that the idea of white nationalism is ultimately rooted in fear. Specifically, it's rooted in the fear of the "otherness" of different skin colors. If a major part of your ideological framework is based on fear, that seems like it'd be a significant hindrance in your pursuit of any kind of higher wisdom or spiritual attainment. So if some of these people are involved in magick I would not imagine they are very spiritually evolved. When I think of a true master, I do not imagine that they are so petty and fragile as to be racial purists.
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