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Re: General Introductions

Post by TheGrigori »

Hound wrote:
I suppose you know the frustration in attempting to express those idea/concepts locked behind a wall of incomprehensible feelings of experiences that is hardly shared by many in such a context as this.
Many raw instincts transcend the limited nature behind a spoken language. I often question just how shallow most interaction is between human beings, because of this. They say one thing, but are feeling an infinite number of alternatives. And not only do they not have a method in which they can express these thoughts and feelings, I fear what I consider worse is the fact that they don't wish to. I remember a state of being where one could express all. In full. I miss that.

Frustrating, yes. I've settled for simply listening to my instincts rather than trying to explain them these days :).
Again, long winded, and I apologize, Hound.
Why do you feel you trouble people by sharing your thoughts? Personally, I enjoy reading long, well thought out responses. Even if they're novella in terms of size. It's much more engaging than the typical text and talk the majority of people hold these days.
Hello, Hound. Thank you for your reply.

What frustrates me the most about Humanity at large is their complete and disregard for their choices. Oh I never wanted this to happen, yet that is the very course you chose to walk. So dishonest with themselves and with others. Then to be angry that the thing they even chose to do was what they received. Oh but I am the villain for showing them the course they followed was the cause of their pain.

As for why I apologize for long posts, I suppose it is being used to the internet in general. Most people I've interacted with online have chastised me for long posts. So I have become aware of my long winded-ness. In either case, I am glad my novellas are engaging. It is encouraging.

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Re: General Introductions

Post by Stukov »

TheGrigori wrote:Hello again, Stukov. Thank you for the reply. To be honest, I don't know. There is a great deal I don't understand or generally know. There's a lot I'm coming to grips with and trying to get answers for.

In the past, I would have done anything to help Humanity. These days, I feel the Zeitgeist is too much in favor of a general reset that I am inclined to believe. Humanity so arrogantly ignores their own decisions and then bemoan the results of the course they chose to follow. Then to have the self righteous indignation to complain to the Source of All That Is/Was/Ever Shall Be that they are being targeted when it was their own choices. The individual, I am more than happy to help, but the whole I am not so inclined to be invested in.

Either way, I just don't know where I fit in the Universe proper. I don't know what I should ultimately be doing as I feel even if I were to help, who would listen? Then again who am I to help? Do I have any answers that can help? I have seen the most beautiful and fantastic nature of Humanity, but I have also seen the terrible darkness.

For now I settle with general apathy with the hope for Humanity to embrace the Light. Myself? I am in no place to help as I have no place in general. I lack information, knowledge, wisdom, everything.

So I sit, wait, and watch. The answer will come in time. I have faith, at least.

Sorry for the long reply. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read it.
If you want to change the world, first change yourself. Then, from what I'm reading you appear to be ready for a concept of a free knight. Knights used to exist protect people on their travels, help those who need help, and act with duty and honor. However, the knights of old always served a lord and probably for the most part ended up just acting like a mercenary with religious fervor. A free knight however, is beholden to no lord, and only serves the principle and ideals they believe in. Can protect, help, and act honorably as a representation or beacon for others to aspire to be, so they may one day change themselves as you have.

If you do, you may or may not be greeted by other free knights.

BTW (to others in the thread or reading the board) anyone here named Peter? Someone was trying to talk to me named Peter (or something close to that, as they were interrupting me while I was going to work). While it may be possible that it was someone here on the board trying to talk to me as they know me (Stukov), it is also possible they were calling on my identity from beyond the veil (and don't know I'm here), either way I tried telling them to use my protocols, they exist for a reason, before "hanging up".
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