I run this sh*t!

Announce your presence, if you will.

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I run this sh*t!

Post by borealis »

Hello, I'm your new system administrator, Borealis. I'm taking over for the last guy, who I happened to be in contact with after taking over hosting a different site for him a while back.

I am a chaos magician who has been practicing for about 3 years now, but I had some interest in magic before then. I have also spent a year as a student of a Thelemic magical order, but am currently on hiatus due to quarantine. I have been running Linux servers and hosting many kinds of websites for over 10 years, so I'd like to think that the forums are in good hands. It's my first time running a phpBB forum in a number of years, but I'm catching on quickly and I think I have most of the issues ironed out.

Message me if you have any concerns about the forums. I wasn't a user here before just now, so my main priority is making sure that the site is comfortable for the other users. Thank you to everyone who came back or is just now showing up, and I hope that before long OccultForum.org will return to being an active resource used by many.

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Re: I run this sh*t!

Post by Raksju »


Good luck :D

Thus far i havent really met anyone with the same interests in the SysAdmin field.
Nice to have one :D hope we can spar about alot of things (IT And magick related!)

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