Greetings, Another New Member

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Greetings, Another New Member

Post by Divinorum »

I don't wish to write out an autobiography of my life's story, i'll keep this short. I'm 23 years old. I have been practicing and studying a few magickal paradigms about around 4 to 5 years now.

My gateway into this was through my ancestral/cultural practices (Mexican/Indigenous) amongst other Natives. Through a mentor, I was introduced to Hermetics(History/Philosophy and Planetary Magick) and stumbled upon Rootwork and more Brujeria/Curanderismo much more recently.

I would share much more but i'm sure that info will be shared in the appropriate times they should. I'm excited that I stumbled upon this forum since an account of mine from another forum got hacked or something where I can't access. I definitley couldn't deal with Amino Apps for Witchcraft... majority of those kids may get themselves shooked or worse.. I never will try to make a Tumblr or Tik Tok for getting help from similar ''practioners''(many Amino users seemed to be affiliated with these two).
So as you can see, i'm REALLY glad I found another decent looking forum with great reads so far.

Hope to meet great people and have great discussions! Blessings!

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Re: Greetings, Another New Member

Post by borealis »

Welcome to the forum! We just started back up after this forum also got hacked last year, so we're a little slow right now and still trying to get the word out. I hope you enjoy yourself, and find a few threads to post in to keep the ball rolling!

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