Azrael made it clear....

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Azrael made it clear....

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Hello everyone. I'll get straight to the point. I am around a elderly woman who has serious health issues, heart problems, high blood pressure and she had cancer. She has completely lost her will to live. She is my roommate. She only comes out of her room to smoke and eat four course meals daily. She does everything the Dr. Tells her not to do if she wants to live.

Why is this my concern? Well as a human I care about her. As someone who picks up other peoples energies, it has been really bothering me. Lately I have felt a spirit around her. Tonight a voice said to me Azrael. So I googled this name, I actually put in Azreal but it corrected me. I have read some of the grimrores, I don't even know if I'm spelling that correctly. But I can honestly say I was not familiar with this name or what this, I was guessing a demon did. I pretty much was in shock when I read that He is an archangel of death.

I was not frightened by this, these things happen to me...not a lot, but they do. I then got a strong psychic feeling that He was not here to harm me in anyway, but I was not to try to banish Him....there's no way it would work He implies. After reading up on Him, I decided He comes in peace when it comes to me. However, I need to let Him do His work with her. And that is the heavy energy that I have been feeling.

Anything any of you could tell me about Him or if you have dealt with Him in anyway would be much appreciated. Thanks to all that replies!
"Who looks outside, dreams; Who looks inside, awakes.
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Re: Azrael made it clear....

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Haven't dealt with this Being in particular.....but i have worked with many "departed individuals" and assisted them in there other-side transition. Working as a psychopomp can be a shamanic duty for some.

Not sure what to say about your situation....if her energy is that terrible you may wish to get some orgonite to set up around the house. This will help keep the energy in the house clear.

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