Need help on identification of summoning

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Need help on identification of summoning

Post by DawnObserver »

Hello I need some help with identification. I think I was accidentally summoned entity(ies?) and I curious on what are they.

Long story short, I was making horror story for my uni project and I wanted to have real atmosphere. I never intend to want to summon something. I tried to search some sigil and stumbled upon I think sigil to summon Venus. When I finished writing (drawing) the sigil down, I heard a thump voice in the roof like something just fell. I didn't think hard about it and just went to sleep.

The next day, I just found out my cat plushie was suddenly missing and I found it on really weird place no normal human would put. I started to feel unsettling. To be honest I think the entities not scared me or things like that, but knowing something's there is not good for my mental health. The final straw was when it was dusk, I heard someone pressed my bell house continously even no one was there. That was the time I couldn't take it anymore. I deleted the file with my drawings of the sigil (it was drawn digitally).

I got some kind of blessings after that to shoo off the entities which I don't know what, and after that until now my life is normal like usual. Except the cat plush that gone again forever after that, everything is normal. I wasn't getting hurt phisycally or anything I think, I still got scared though.

So in a way does beginner' luck on summoning real? And was that evil entities I summoned?

Thanks for the help.

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Re: Need help on identification of summoning

Post by borealis »

People cast magic all the time without realizing it. Here's my theory. It's possible that the energy of the venus sigil empowered your subconscious associations with the story you were writing, resulting in a manifestation. It sounds like destroying the sigil broke the energetic link and ended the effects. Planetary energies are very powerful, and connecting the venus sigil to your story may have caused elements of the story, or at least elements of the feelings invoked by the story, to manifest in your reality.

Would you like to give a synopsis of your story, and why you chose the venus sigil as an inspiration?

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