TheDeepVoid WithinTheSoul OfABrokenHeart IsABlackHole. ~

When things don't go as planned, crises and unexpected situations.

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TheDeepVoid WithinTheSoul OfABrokenHeart IsABlackHole. ~

Post by Kami »

This is what happens when your heart gets broken:

When you fall in love... your inner "sun" - the solar plexus chakra; glows even brighter.
But when the one you love leaves,
The sun within the universe of your mind; dies,
And turns into a black hole.

So now there is no more sun light nor warmth in your inner solar system.

The only remaining light source within your inner universe - is moonlight.

Without your sun chakra,
The second chakra becomes disabled.
The first becomes emphasized.

And the heart chakra no longer has positive emotion,
Just negative emotion; fear.

So fear is being applied to every thought,
Leading to dark feelings.


Color therapy may help in this case.

To treat a broken heart,
Bright colors of the chakras in the environment may trigger happiness.

For example:
Here are the colors of the chakras,
(7) - [V]iolet = Moon
(6) - ndigo
(5) - lue
(4) - [G]reen = Earth
(3) - [Y]ellow = Sun
(2) - [O]range
(1) - [R]ed

If you're heart is broken,
Change the colors inside your house to the colors associated with your chakras.

The walls should be a bright yellow,
The ceiling should be a bright violet,
The windows should be tinted with a bright indigo,
The furniture should be a bright blue,
The kitchen entirely on its own should be a bright green - while the floor is a bright orange.
The carpets should all be a bright red.

Next - there should be positive music playing in the background.

And lastly - a good friend to talk to,
They should help you find your strengths and skills.

After you find yourself,
Rebuild your core beliefs,
And find new outlets such as playing video games,
Getting sunlight; free running, e.t.c.


What is going on inside the universe within your mind *when you're heart broken* - is that all the dream characters living on the earth within your inner solar system have no sunlight,
All they now have is moonlight,
And this affects them negatively,
They all begin to get sick.

You will feel cold inside your heart and stomach.

The condition of your inner world affects your external body.

This spiritual sickness may cause you to have constant nightmares,
You won't have dreams with sunlight anymore,
Just moonlight,
And darkness.

The only cure for this sickness is getting back with the one who broke your heart,
Or moving on.

Else - you have to treat it.


Frankie Valli - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore:

Our consciousness is the darkness that envelopes all of the universe; We will live forever because we are the essence that is the absence of light.
I'd rather get buzzed off of some alcohol with a chimpanzee whom also took a shot of some alcohol and go bananas inside of a bounce house while we're both listening to this song:
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Re: TheDeepVoid WithinTheSoul OfABrokenHeart IsABlackHole. ~

Post by Daud »

Interesting you should say this because i had a lot of trouble with my practice when i realised my ex was insane... The trick is to move on by realising that the attachment to that person is a delusion, as is all attachment.
Your chakra's will always be weaker and radiate less when you can't concentrate on anything other than a depressing illusory trap.
"Things derive their being from mutual dependence and are nothing in themselves." -Nagarjuna

"Comprehending beyond good and evil opens the way to perfect skill" Jetsun Milarepa

"Always recognise the dreamlike qualities of life to reduce attachment and aversion." - Jetsun Milarepa

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