Feeling down

When things don't go as planned, crises and unexpected situations.

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Feeling down

Post by E. »

Hello everyone,

I know im not as active but i still lurk around.
Life has been going great for the last year. I became successful and my love life has been spectacular. A couple of months ago things have been hard. ( whats new )

While my life is going so well ive been losing people all around me. This year so far has been a record breaker for the amount of deaths ive had of family and friends. I watch tv and i hear of celebrities dying here and there. It doesnt help. This year has been a year of death for me.

Im trying to get back to normalcy but its like walking around with a thorn in my foot, its hard to tune out.

Ive become humbled and depressed.

I need your prayers and positive energy to help me get out of this.
I know that nothing will bring back the people i love but finding normalcy and a little happiness will be sufficient but only time can do that.

Money, fame, isnt everything. If it could help me i wouldn't be asking for your positive vibes.

In return for your positive energy i can give you positive advice that not even millions can buy you...say "i love you" to your loved ones.
When they pop into your mind dont say "ill call them tomorrow " call them now before you forget.
When people annoy you remember that they have egos like you and i and we have to look past the stupidity because at the end we will laugh at how stupid their egos were. And most of all...forgive.

At least what makes me happy is that I made these people laugh and i shared my time and myself.....

My heart is so broken that im finding this writing to be a rant but if it can help someone then ive made a step towards uniting people.

Again....help me if you can by saying a quick prayer for this stranger who you dont know nor have any connection with. I promise you are reaching far by doing so.

Thank you for reading this,

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Re: Feeling down

Post by Count Zero »

Please try to not dwell on death - you are still alive, and while you live they will live through you. Instead of falling into the pit of despair and depression, try to celebrate the time you had with them. I doubt they would have wanted you to suffer and to sink into deep depression. Everyone dies, everything comes to an end, but in simply focusing upon death we forget to live.
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Re: Feeling down

Post by ErebusNamtar »

Fully agree with Count Zero. I know it's hard right now but do try and focus on the good memories. True immortality is being remembered.
I had a same streak like yours last year and am still dealing with the fallout. It isn't easy but there are many things that can help you get through the mourning process better.
For me it was reminiscing; calling up fond memories and being grateful for the time I have spent with them and the impact they had on my life and those around them. If something good happens to you enjoy it to the fullest knowing that they would be happy for you. Write down things unsaid you still wanted to say and send those letters through a ritual or meditation.
Anything to make you feel better and connected to them in a healthy way. Don't let anyone tell you the right way or correct amount of time to mourn those you love.

All the best.

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